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HEADWORD: mix (between/ in/ into/ for/ to/ up in/ up with/ with) v.
NOUNS: activities, activity, antidepressants, attraction, bag, bath, beer, beliefs, bowl, brandy, business, cards, causes, celebrities, cells, cement, chemical substances, chocolate, companies, consistency, container, crime, curt politeness, daughter, desires, diet, discouragement, dough, drink, dust, events, factors, father, females, flavours, flocks, fluids, food, foreigners, forms, fruit, gases, generation, genes, groups, hope, images, ingredients, jokes, kinds, leaves, males, medicine, memories, military power, mortar, mother, motives, mud, muesli, myths, one’s labour, overdose, paint, papers, parody, people, person, petri dish, physiology, pleasure, policies, porridge, powder, prescriptions, processes, proteins, psychology, public condescension, races, religion, results, retaliatory strategies, rites, rubbish, salad, scandal, social group, sodium salt, son, sources, sportsmen, spread, strategies, teas, terror, tiredness, tobaccos, tranquilizers, treasures, trepidation, water, whisky, wine, work;
ADVERBS: always, carefully, distinctly, easily, freely, generically, interestingly, judiciously, probably, randomly, recently, socially, together, very well, well;
EXAMPLES: mix the ingredients to a creamy consistency; mix in the chocolate at the very end; she finds it hard to mix; he started mixing in high society recently; he has mixed business with pleasure; you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure; two solutions are mixed in a petri dish; the children mixed dust and water into mud; this paint mixes easily with water; mix a nice drink for me; mix me a nice drink; she always mixes me up with my sister; the experimental results are mixed; wasn’t she mixed up in that scandal last year?; they mix superstition and theology; they mixed her in crime; father and son mixed the mortar for the building; have you mixed up your car keys again?; I think you must have me mixed up with somebody else; they mixed these activities up; top sportsmen frequently mixed with celebrities;
SYNONYMS: put together, merge, unite, combine, mingle, incorporate, amalgamate, coalesce; socialize, consort, fraternize, get together, keep company, associate (with), join (with); add, fold in, stir in; bewilder, confuse, perplex, confuse, puzzle, upset; snarl, entangle, jumble; interchange, exchange; involve, include, connect; mistake, confound, misidentify;
GERMAN: mischen, vermischen, verrühren, unterrühren, zubereiten, untermengen, wenden, verbinden (mit), durcheinanderbringen, verwechseln, sich mischen lassen, sich vermischen, zusammenpassen, sich verbinden lassen, miteinander auskommen, miteinander verkehren, hineinziehen (in), verwickeln (in);
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