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HEADWORD: move (about/ along/ away from/ behind/ down/ from/ in/ into/ on/ onto/ round/ to/ towards/ through/ with) v.
NOUNS: altruism, amendment, anger, animal, apartment, area, assurance, atmosphere, atoms, authorities, bacterium, beautiful things, body, book, branch, brush stroke, bus, bystanders, car, cattle-truck, cell, chair, characterization, chess piece, chest, child, children, church, circle(s), city, civilization, club, company, consideration, conveyor belt, contraction, country, danger zone, delegates, demonstrators, department, direction, dirt, discussion, domain of science, driver, dwellers, ease, East End, employee, embryo(s), empty space, enclosure(s), enemy, events, extra staff, family, feelings, feet, field, figure(s), firm(s), foreign minister, forward position, front, front line, furniture, general, guests, guns, hand, handle, hands of clock, herd, high society, hill(s), hooligans, horse, hospital, house, idea, idea of nature, ideology, instruments, job, kitchen, leadership, leaves, level, lid, line, lobby, lorry, luggage, man, mare, molecules, motion, muscle, nail, neighbourhood, neutrality, new grounds, notion, object(s), one’s allegiance/ ears/ face/ own background/ range, office(s), oneself, ornaments, painter, pair of feet, part, parts of body, patient, pencil, person, pity, place, pointer, position, proceedings, production, projects, pupil, question, rays of light, realism, refugees, relics, remains, removal men, representation, research, resolution, retina, rhythms, road, rock, room, rubble, school, screw, self-centred thought, setting, ship, site, social scale, soil, solitary confinement, source, spot, stones, stream, switch(es), table, tears, theory, things, thought, town, train, troops, truck, utterance, vehicle, view, viewer, virus, visitor(s), wardrobe, wave, wave of thought, wheel, whirl, windmill, woman;
ADVERBS: actively, actually, a lot, around, bodily, continually, definitely, deeply, downwards, dramatically, eventually, farther, fast, faster, genuinely, gracefully, gradually, in front of, never, not yet, once, outside, presently, profoundly, quickly, rapidly, restlessly, simply, slowly, softly, tomorrow, with ease;
EXAMPLES: chromosomes and vacuoles are moved actively by the contraction of fibres; she was genuinely moved and excited by this idea; I’m not to be moved, I shall not be moved; I move that we adjourn; they were going to be moved; move yourself, can’t you?; move your bottom over; move over, we all want to sit down; she moved her car to the side; he didn’t move a muscle; don’t move; move (please)!; right move down/ up the bus, please!; I can hear him moving about; keep those people moving!; have you moved troops?; it’s time we were moving/ we moved; I´d better be moving along; I’ve got to be moving; she moves with the times; she must move first; he can move; that’s moving!; the feet moved away out of sight; Astrid was moved to hospital; Lautrec had moved definitely away from the academic atelier; he moved down the social scale; Marianne moved the discussion on to the next point; let us move on to more important matters; they moved everybody out of the danger zone; events moved fast/ in a circle; in 1977, we moved from Celle to Meppen; Michael’s family moved into a comfortable suburban house; the general moved the troops up onto the hill; I am moved not only to look after my own progeny but those of my sister as well; they moved that a new scheme (should) be prepared; the question of budget was moved at the last meeting; the trend in medical thinking has moved towards the view that ...; she was a woman who had moved very far from her own background; let’s move from this table to that one; we are moving our main office from this city to a small town; she was moved to tears; they had moved towards the exit; what moved him to make such a gesture?; the police moved in on the fugitives; she was moved up to the position of CIO; he moved up through the ranks; she moves to add the next goal; the texture of the verse moves with ease and assurance through the sixty stanzas; she moves the viewer;
SYNONYMS: go, make a move, shift, stir; advance, proceed, progress; move house, move away/ off, remove, decamp, change residence, emigrate, transfer; agitate, affect, touch, shake-up, upset, disquiet, make a deep impression (on); excite, arouse, actuate, provoke, stir up, stimulate; lead, prompt, spur, motivate, inspire; put forward/ forth, suggest, submit, advance, propound;
GERMAN: bewegen, antreiben, treiben, woanders hinstellen, wegstellen, umstellen, umräumen, rücken, von der Stelle bewegen, wegfahren, befördern, wegschaffen, aus dem Weg räumen, von der Stelle bewegen, ziehen mit, einen Zug machen (mit), an einen anderen Platz stellen, sich rühren, verlegen, vertreiben, transportieren, evakuieren, versetzen (in/ nach), einliefern, dazu bringen, veranlassen, rühren, erschüttern, ergreifen, erregen, beantragen, absetzen, sich bewegen, fahren, vorankommen, gehen, wechseln, abziehen, sich entfernen, sich einer Sache nähern, ein Tempo draufhaben, einen Zahn zulegen, verkehren, einen Zug machen, etwas unternehmen, Maßnahmen ergreifen, den ersten Schritt tun, sich absetzen lassen, umrangieren, herumspielen (mit), herumschicken, sich hin und her bewegen, herumzappeln, unterwegs sein, weiterrücken, zum Weitergehen veranlassen, beiseite rücken/ schieben, entfernen, aus dem Weg gehen, losfahren, abkommen (von), sich distanzieren (von), zurückstellen, zurückbringen, zurückbeordern, zurückschieben, zurückziehen, sich zurückziehen, zurückdrängen, zurückkommen, wieder einziehen, zurückgehen, zurücktreten, nach unten stellen, nach hinten stellen, absteigen lassen, aufrücken lassen, nach unten rutschen, zurückgestuft werden, vorgehen lassen, vorziehen, vorgehen (mit), sich vorwärts bewegen, einsetzen (in), einrücken lassen, hineinfahren, unterbringen, einziehen, sich nähern, näher herankommen, näher herangehen, anrücken, ankommen, auf den Plan treten, sich etablieren, wegschicken, weggehen, vorstellen, weitergehen, weiterfahren, herausfahren, ausziehen, weiter nach oben stellen, befördern, aufmarschieren lassen, hinaufklettern;
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