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HEADWORD: note (down/ for/ in) v.
NOUNS: account, adjustment, agenda, amount, analysis, application, aspects, assumption, attitude, author, awareness, background information, branches of Law, clinic, commission, community, contraceptives, contradictions, contrast, convergence, copyist, criticisms, crucial proposition, decrees, detail, detective, developments, difficulties, disappearance, discharge, discoveries, effects, elements, evidence, exact time, example, expansion, experiments, explanation, factors, facts, failure, feature, frequency of occurrence, genre, genuine compassion, good performance, government report, historian, history, hope, important question, interest, kind(s), later years, logbook, male, manufacturers, move, murder weapon, number plate, observance, ones diary, organization, oscillations, parallel(s), passing, people, person, philosopher, place, poet, point(s), possibility, reason, receipt of publicity, report, rhythm, rise, sake, sale, shoddiness, sensationalism, several places, severe physical exercise, significance, signs, similarity, solution(s), s.o.s affection/ regard, strategies, theory, therapeutic implications, topics, traffic warden, transition, use, visibility, words, work, writer;
ADVERBS: above, again, already, also, appropriately, before, briefly, carefully, duly, ever, falsely, here, however, incidentally, just, mentally, moreover, only, therefore, well;
EXAMPLES: my audience, I noted with regret, were beginning to look bored; it is (also) important to note for us two basic facts; it was noted above that ...; as (was) noted above, ...; various biological effects of X-rays were noted end explored; facts, it should be noted, are to be collected; as I/ we have noted before, ...; you must note down if there is added sugar; what is important to note here is that ...; it may be noted, however, that ...; have you ever noted how ...; it may be noted in passing that ...; the point to note is that ...; it is (also) interesting to note that ...; for the present we may note that ...; it was noted that ...; it may (also/ thus) be noted that ...; the press noted the change in tone; yet even to note this is to identify a radical shift; note, too, that ...; I have noted well your affection towards me;
SYNONYMS: pay attention to, notice, observe, consider, give thought to, think about, study, look into, check out, investigate, see, perceive, mark; record, write/ set/ put down, chronicle, put in writing; call attention to, report, touch on, comment about/ on, mention, remark about/ on;
GERMAN: bemerken, zur Kenntnis nehmen, beachten, notieren, aufschreiben, sich notieren/ aufschreiben;
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