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HEADWORD: observe (at/ in/ on/ upon/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: absence, activities, agent, analysis, animal behaviour, animal(s), anniversary, article, behaviour, behaviourists, case, causes, cease-fire, chances, change(s), changes in behaviour, chronological sequence, commentator(s), complexities, conditions, connection, constants, context-specificity, country, course, covenants, CR, critic, CS, custom(s), development, difference, dishabituation, effect, embryos, emission, experiences, experiment(s), explanation, expression, failure, family secret, features, field studies, fish(es), functions, gonorrhoea, heart disorders, increase, infections, information processing, inner-city youth, justice administration, kind(s), king, latent inhibition, law, level of suppression, lunar eclipse, manners, mind(s), minute’s silence, motions, mutation, one’s mind, original context, pattern, people, peoples, person, phenomenon, philosopher, plants, politics, positive transfer, principles, procedures, process, prohibition, properties, psychologist, regularity, religious festivals, resources, result, rhythms, route, rule, rule of law, Sabbath, self-image, settlor, singularity, society, socio-legal mechanisms, soldiers, s.o.´s manners, species, stimuli, strange portent, studies, subject(s), surgeon, tenant, tendency, test, time, timing system, tradition(s), transformation, transits, tribe, visitors, way, Yom Kippur;
ADVERBS: actually, also, always, above, directly, however, immediately, indeed, independently, keenly, long, merely, never, normally, often, only, patiently, routinely, shrewdly, simply, therefore, thus, well, widely;
EXAMPLES: the critic observed a new tendency in the works of ...; did you actually observe him do it?; it is impolite to observe on others´ manners; it was a failure to observe the law; it was observed above that ...; much of this is never observed and cannot be summoned up for examination; we observed him enter/ entering the building; they observed a minute’s silence; I observed how it was done; the effect is routinely observed; this may be observed by nothing that ...; I make no attempt to observe chronological sequence; it is also observed in procedures that ...; latent inhibition was observed in this condition; the intention of the testator is particularly to be regarded and observed; it may (also/ simply/ thus) be observed that ...; every year we observe the changes in heat and length of daylight; be it observed, therefore; I can never observe your mind nor can you mine;
SYNONYMS: pay attention to, adhere to, regard, obey, abide by, conform to, be heedful of, respect, follow; examine, watch, scrutinize, study, view, inspect, contemplate, look at; see, notice, look, mark, perceive; comment (on/ upon), remark (on/ upon), note, say, refer (to), make reference to, state, declare; celebrate, keep holy, recognize, solemnize, commemorate, memorialize;
GERMAN: beobachten, bemerken, wahrnehmen, zusehen, überwachen, feststellen (zu/ über), achten (auf), einhalten, begehen, feiern;
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