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HEADWORD: occur (after/ again/ among/ around/ as/ at/ before/ between/ by/ from/ in/ on/ outside/ over/ since/ through/ throughout/ to/ towards/ under/ with/ within/ without) v.
NOUNS: aborigines, abrasion, action(s), adverse circumstances, aggression, altitudes, ambivalences, animals, artistic milieu, assessment, attacks, awareness, bacterial cells/ infection, bacteria, body, brood reduction, calculation, calendar, cancers, carbohydrate, case(s), cell death, centuries, century, chancre, change(s), chapter, chemical reactions, childbirth, chimney sweep, cholera, circumstances, cities, clustering, communication problems, complex instances, complications, conditioning, conflict, conjoint therapy, consciousness, consecration, conservation, context, context-specificity, contradiction, control, coup, courage, courtship, creatures, crisis, criticisms, cultures, curvature, cutting, date, deaths, description, differentiation, different points, dishabituation, disorder(s), dispersal, distribution, disturbances, doubts, dysuria, early age, earth, effect, ejaculation, emergency, environments, erection of the penis, eruption, essay, estate, event(s), example, exception, exchange, expansion, exposure, extensions, fairs, fall-off, famine, feedback, festival(s), fight, forests, formation, fossils, founding, full moon, future, gastrulation, generalization, generalization decrement, genes, global warming, glycine, grouping, group marriages/ sex, growth, half, high level/ mortality, hospital, human species, improvements, increase, increase in height, induction, industrial revolution, infection, information transfer, intense irritation, interactions, interference, invention, investments, itching, item, learning, living tissues, logging rates, loss, majority, material corruption, mediation, meme pools, mental processes, miracles, move, movements, murders, muscular spasms, mutations, nest, new moon, noon, notion, novel, null boundary/ result, patient’s state, peak, occurrence of food, omission, one’s presence/problems, OR, other ways, opportunity, outer space, overthrow, ovulation, pairings, part(s), past, patterning, percentages, performance, period, phase, phenomena, physical harm/ operation, plague, plant products, pneumonia, poem, polygyny, population, popular consciousness, positive transfer, presentations, primary attack, private property, problems, process, prohibition, proliferation, psychiatric inpatients, puberty, rapes, rare variants, reactions, rebellion, reckless killings, recurrences, reflex effect, regions, regrowth, relapses, remains, recital, rectal discharge, repetitions of events, result(s), retention interval, retention of urine, retreat, retrieval, revolution, rigorists, riots, road disasters, rotation, salt, schools, self-injury, self-mutilation, self-poisoning, sensory inputs, serious incidents, sex hormones, sexual fusion/ intercourse/ stimulation, shock, shooting, short story, site, solutions, sores, s.o.´s life, space and time, species, split, starch, stimulus, story, stressful situation, struggles, subjects, succession, suicide, superficial cutting, tears, tense feelings, territories, theology, therapeutic use, theatrical movement, this time, time change/ intervals/ lag, training, transitions, transmission, transsexuals, treachery, treatment, trial, turn, urban unrest, urethritis, victimization, violence, violent behaviour/ clashes, waking, weekend, winter, words;
ADVERBS: actually, again, all over again, already, also, always, as soon as, certainly, dramatically, earlier, earliest, elsewhere, ever, first, frequently, inevitably, intermittently, later, mainly, more commonly/ readily/ slowly, most likely, much later, naturally, necessarily, never, not always/ exclusively/ normally/ uncommonly, normally, occasionally, often, only, otherwise, presumably, previously, primarily, probably, proportionally, quickly, rarely, readily, recently, simultaneously, spontaneously, still, subsequently, suddenly, therefore, undoubtedly, usually, very easily;
EXAMPLES: did it ever occur to you to apologize?; peak performance will occur about noon; this could very easily have occurred; disorder occurred in 1991; now the same process occurred all over again; the following words occur: ...; such mutations do occur as rare variants; control of protein synthesis can occur at several different points; this was predicted to occur at some unspecific date in the future; some evolutionary changes occur by chance; this disease does not again occur during this period; it also occurs frequently in Irish politics; where should treatment occur?; it just occurs to me that ...; it never occurred to me; this is most likely to occur if ...; this only occurs if ...; complex instances of the clause occur in the following cases discussed: ...; this process seems to occur in much the same way; does it occur in brute creatures?; Fleming´s first substantial clinical observation with penicillin appears to have occurred in August 1942; much the same thing occurs in ...; an example of this occurs in ...; why did it occur?; antidepressant effects are likely to occur; interactions between cells occur on a small scale; this occurs only when ...; why should these changes occur?; if the opportunity occurs ...; what occurred to make you late this time?; the presence of special proteins allow the reactions to occur; it is what is likely to occur; movements occur simultaneously over many parts of the embryo; has it occurred to you that she might not like jazz?; if a repeat does occur the immediate response should be a brief interview; don’t let it occur again; different helical risings occur through the year; it did not occur to me that ...; even then, it never occurred to me to question the fact that ...; this last point never occurs to Gore; group marriages would therefore occur when one group married another; it is the process that occurs when ...; this can occur when ...; it is unlikely that continuous increase in carbon concentration in the atmosphere can occur without consequences to the global environment;
SYNONYMS: take place, happen, come about, come to pass, appear, materialize, arise, become manifest, manifest itself; dawn on, hit, come to, suggest itself, cross s.o.´s mind, be brought to s.o.´s attention, enter s.o.´s head;
GERMAN: geschehen, sich ereignen, vorkommen, sich ergeben, stattfinden, passieren, einfallen, in den Sinn kommen, den Eindruck haben, auf den Gedanken kommen, denken (an);
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