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HEADWORD: offer (as/ at/ for/ in/ to/ up/ without) v.
NOUNS: access, account, act of creation, active support, activity, adherents, advantages, advice, affection, agencies, alternatives, amount of money, analogies, analysis, annual reward, answer, apple, appointment, appropriate help, associative account, benefit, blood, book, bribe, calculation, certainty, chapter, characterization, Christ, Christmas greetings, church, clients, club captain, community, congregation, corporate character, corporations, corrective, coup, couple, course, court, cover, criteria, crusaders, culture industry, curricula, Czar, dangerous threat, daily prayers, defendant, delights, department, details, diet, discourse, distinctions, direction, drill, elaboration, emergency, emission-rates, enthusiasts, equal scope, equipment, essential support, experimental evidence, experiments, explanation, facilities, family, field of investigation, finite resources, flexibility, follow-up appointment, food and wine, formality, formulation, foundation, framework, free pints, friends, friendship, generalization-decrement argument, gifts, Gnostics, God, government, graduate program, greater scope, guide, habitat, handy, heretics, higher knowledge, historical lifeline, home, homesteading, hope of salvation, house(s), human behaviour, ideal, illustration, incense, inducement(s), indulgence, information, inner city, inpatient care, insights, instruction, interpretation, interview, investment, job, justification, land, language, leader(s), lecture(s), legacies, literature, little scope, live coverage, long-term support and encouragement, love, low rent, main purpose, means, medical technology, medication, misery, mixture, money, nation, nature, new opportunities/ plant, notion, ones behaviour/ chair/ congratulations/ identity card, oneself, opponents, opportunity, opposition, options, organization(s), papacy, participants, part-time employment, patient, peace, peanuts, person, perspective, place, players, playgroup, points, pope, possibilities, possibilities for expansion, potential, practice, praise, praise and encouragement, prayers, principle, procedural system, psychotherapy, qualification, qualified defences, recent times, real chance, reasonable price, reasoned argument, reflections, relief, remission of penance, renovations, reparation, research, revelations, rewards, rigid rules, rival form, sacrifice, sale, satisfaction, sects, security, sense of self-importance and pride, service, set, significant advantage, signing-on fees, societies, solution, s.o.s name, special clinics, spontaneity, sport, standard of service, starting point, study, subsection, suggestion, survey, rhetoric, forms of narrative, fortune, genes, genetic defect, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, Greeks, group, habit of celibacy, heir(s), house(s), human genetic diseases, individual(s), land, legend, liability, matrix, minor, money, mother, nose, parents, past, PC, person, principles, property, prospect, radio, set of institutions, sisters, song patterns, sticking point, strength, suggestion, technical judgements, technology, phone unit, television, temptations, thanks, traditional values, unceasing praise, uncle, universalism, use, vacated range, vegetables, view of time, visual field, vote, watch, weak economy, work, world;
ADVERBS: actually, at least, earlier, finally, here, now, only, really, still, tantalizingly, thereby, therefore, twice, however;
EXAMPLES: the Gnostics claimed to offer a higher knowledge; he offered to forget the whole thing; this appeared to offer a real chance of a final agreement; he has offered a possible solution to this puzzle; can you offer a suggestion for improving it?; he offered to help with my luggage; we offered twice what she had paid for it; he offered the job to me; he offered me the job; this book does not pretend to offer an answer; the money was offered as an inducement; the normal reason to offer advice is the same; they offered no compromise; three curricula were offered; it is quite often appropriate to offer advice; the court, without offering any reasoned argument, decided that ...; he offers arguments to show that ...; whenever the opportunity offers; did he offer?; the first principle is offered by him as an interpretation of neutrality; the analysis offered by interference theory is similar; she had nothing better to offer; many of these patients will be offered further help of one kind or another; the procedural system offered great advantages; she offered her identity card; do you have any advice to offer parents?; she offered him no explanation for her behaviour; what we offer here is a guide for you; her blue eyes seemed to offer friendship; they offer a handy at a reasonable price; their formality offers little scope; Ill offer you ten pounds for it; Muslims offer up five daily prayers; he was offered part-time employment as a teacher; emotionally, the home offered security; open access may be offered; I do not offer that reading as any startling new interpretation; it alone could offer these advantages; you want something better than the average diet has to offer; the two criteria usually offered were reason and the senses;
SYNONYMS: make available, put on the market, put up for sale, furnish, tender, market; bid, propose, proffer; provide, submit, advance, make, extend, tender; present oneself, come forward, volunteer;
GERMAN: anbieten, unterbreiten, beisteuern, vorbringen, spenden, aussprechen, darbringen, opfern, bieten, machen;
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