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HEADWORD: open (by/ at/ for/ from/ in/ into/ off/ on to/ out/ to/ up/ up about/ with) v.
NOUNS: account, activity, allies, artistic event, bales, bar, batting, Bible, bonnet, book, bookshop, booths, borders, bottle, bowels, box, breeze, briefcase, building, bundle, business opportunities, can, car, car door, case, casket, chasm, chicken eggs, church, circuit, city gates, clouds, college, conference, container, conversation, correspondence, country, criticism, crowd, cult, debate, diary, dining area, discourse, discussion, disused tunnel, door, downfall, drain, drawer, ducts, egg(s), envelope, exhibition, exposition, factory, fan, field of research, file(s), film, fire, flag, floodgates, floor, flower, foreign investment, frontier, game, gap, garden, gate, glands, hearing, heaven, hole, hotel, house, institution, Jews, laboratory, land, law(s), letter, library, lines of communication, mail, map, meeting, military action, mine, minister, motorway, museum, new front/ horizons/ ideas/ land/ opportunities/ regions, newspaper, opportunity, offensive, one’s arms/ eyes/ heart/ mind/ mouth/ profession, office, packet, parcel, Parliament, parody, pass, passage(s), people, person, play, political philosophy, politics, possibility, present, private place, proceedings, prospects, public, Queen, question, railway, ranks, records, restaurant, road, room(s), roses, routes, safety-pin, school, shirt, shop, show, side-shows, situation, skies, s.o.´s eyes, speech, spring of water, stadium, station, suitcase, synthesis, telegram, territory, theatre, theory, throttle, toolbox, traffic, trial, university, vagina, valley, war, way, wealth, whole range of activities, will, window, wonders, wound;
ADVERBS: actually, again, already, also, always, directly, newly, rarely, really, suddenly, then, wide;
EXAMPLES: he opened a bookshop at the front of their house in Bristol; the minister opened the proceedings with a speech; the wonders of a collocation dictionary were opened to me by ARCS; he also opened fertile chicken eggs; it won’t open; he opened his mouth to scream; we opened our pilgrimage by singing a song; we opened our meetings to the public; the kitchen opened into the dining area; the play opens next week; the flag opened to the breeze; Hobbes opened the door to/ the gate of political philosophy; the safety-pin opened under the onslaught; the laws opened up the possibility of their separate existence; China opened up to foreign investment; she opened up and discussed her problems with the therapist; this downfall opens the way for a new social system; open the book at page 11; open wide and point to the tooth that hurts; for goodness sake, don’t open your mouth; she opened her eyes wide and stared at me; I open my mind to new ideas; he has been waiting for the bar to open; Siemens opens two new factories; the trade union congress opened last week; police opened fire on a mob of rioters; the crowd opened and let us pass; these doors open directly to the garden; the passage opened out into a cavern; the clouds opened; I haven’t opened up about Juliana; all sorts of possibilities began to open up; open up!; the government has opened up the files to the public;
SYNONYMS: disclose, unveil, display, bring to light, bring out, explain, show, present, announce, publish, air, advertise, make known, uncover, expose; provide, afford, yield, raise, introduce, contribute; begin, start, commence, get under way, launch, establish, inaugurate, set up; unlock, unstop, unclog, clear; expand, stretch out, extend, unfurl;
GERMAN: öffnen, aufmachen, aufschließen, aufschlagen, eröffnen, einweihen, für den Verkehr freigeben, erschließen, einrichten, beginnen, aufgehen, sich öffnen, aufbekommen, führen, aufführen, gehen (auf), führen (auf), sich verbreitern, sich weiten, sich öffnen, sich ausfalten lassen, aus sich herausgehen, sich ausdehnen, sich auftun, sich ergeben, sich erschließen, sich auftun, sich auseinanderziehen, auseinanderfalten, aufmachen, freimachen, erweitern, ausdehnen, vergrößern, aus der Reserve locken, aufdrehen, gesprächiger werden, das Feuer eröffnen, bauen, schaffen, machen, größer/ weiter machen, vergrößern;
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