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HEADWORD: operate (against/ as/ at/ during/ for/ from/ in/ on/ through/ throughout/ upon/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: aesthetic prescriptions, agreement, aircraft, airline(s), airport, antique dealer, appendicitis, authority, barometer, batteries, benefit, biological factors, block of genes, brakes, bridge, Britain, bus, business, button, captain, cataract, causes, century, class system, clause, company, conditions, contagion effect, control, dietary distribution, decision-making, defiance, detective, different way, drug, edges of life, electricity, enforcement, engagement, factors, film, flights, fog-horn, forces, gadgets, gangs, group of people, growth factors, guerrillas, habituation procedure, hegemony, holiday, individual(s), interaction, interference effects, instructions, history, kin selection, late stages, law, law of supply and demand, lever, machine, machinery, mainstream, main trunk routes, marketing principle, mechanism, medicine, ministry, nervous organelles, new economy, one’s mind, organization, periodical(s), person, physician, plan, point, policy, political institutions, possibilities of resumption, processes, psyche, railway companies, raw information, real world, recognition, retrieval, route, schemes, selection pressures, service, setting, situation, small mechanism, social relations, s.o.´s life, spy, station, strict limits, supervening anxiety, surgeon, switchboard, system, technological developments, television, theory, time, tours, transsexual, troops, trusts, various levels, watch, way, welfare, workers;
ADVERBS: always, electrically, indeed, independently, jointly, logically, not always, only, properly, surgically, therefore, together, usually;
EXAMPLES: television tries to operate without a history; how does it operate?; I operated as a teacher trainer for 22 years; I don’t understand how her mind operates; I don’t like the way she operates; this enforcement operated within very strict limits; such schemes cannot operate unless ...; this watch operates under water; PAA was allowed to operate two flights to the UK; the law is not operating properly; it operates on a limited group of people; discrimination training also allows processes to operate that modify the distinctiveness of the stimuli themselves; the centre is an old slum district where the gangs operate; the control of the ruling class did not operate through the control of land; biological factors operate throughout an individual’s life; in other words, two forces operate to raise the problems to be discussed: ....; often blocks of genes operate together; the psyche may operate in defiance of biological truths; they operate in a real world/ time; the troops operated against the guerrillas; the surgeon operated on Hugh for appendicitis; he was operated on for appendicitis;
SYNONYMS: perform, go, run; function, serve, act; conduct, control, carry on, manage, direct, handle, manipulate;
GERMAN: funktionieren, betrieben werden (mit), hinwirken (auf), laufen, in Betrieb sein, arbeiten, sich auswirken, wirken, operieren, Geschäfte tätigen, agieren, verkehren, bedienen, in Betrieb setzen, betätigen, auslösen, führen, anwenden, unterhalten, veranstalten;
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