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HEADWORD: pass (across/ along/ around/ as/ at/ between/ by/ down/ for/ from/ in/ into/ off/ on/ out/ out of/ over/ round/ through/ to/ towards/ under/ up/ upon/ without) v.
NOUNS: accused, act, alcohol, allies, altered form, anger, antibodies, archway, area, arms, assembly line, athlete, author, bacteria, bacterium, ball, bandage, belief, bill, blood, body, bounds, boys, bridge, bus, butchers, cable, cache of papers, café, calm, candidates, censors, centuries, champagne, chance, characteristics, chemistry, chocolates, comment, committee, competency hearing, conduct of war, Continent, corridor, country, crowd, crown, customs inspectors, daughter cells, days, days of our youth, difficult period, digestive material, disease, DNA, doctor, economic miracle, emergency bill(s), end, estuary, exam, excrement, expressions, fats, feeling, filter, financial benefits, flying colours, food, forehead, forged banknotes, form, frontier, future generations, gate(s), genes, German, glasses of wine, gonorrhoea, gravel, grocer’s, group, gut, gut contents, hands, hope, hours, individual, infection, information, injunctions, instructions, interest, judge, judgement, kissing, knowledge, land, land under trust, language, law(s), leaflets, legatee, legislature, letter, line, liver, look, loop, Marxists, means, memes, message, merits of a case, mixture of hope and trepidation, modern times, months, mother, motion, muscles, next generation, news, nun, one’s children/ comprehension/ daughters/ faults/ grandchildren/ hand/ head/ luggage/ own expectations/ sons/ water/ whole life, offspring, oneself, opinion, opportunity, ownership, parents, Parliament, parts of a country, patient, person, photograph, physical object, plan, plane(s), planning regulation, police, priest, problems, property, public, regulations, remark, replicas, restaurant, return, rocket, round, salt, sap, scores, sea water, secret, sentence, service, sets of chromosomes, several editions, shaft, ship, shop, sign, signal at red, solar image, s.o.´s house/ misdeeds, statute, storage depots, street, subconscious, substance, subject, sugar(s), syphilis, tax law, team-mate, test of time, third party, thread, time, topic, town, tradition(s), trustee, tunnel, urban poor, urine, Venus, violence, visual cortex/ input, war, way, weeks, wire, words, world, year(s);
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: again, already, also, always, certainly, easily, first, fit, just, long, now, only, originally, overhead, probably, quickly, quite easily, slowly, then, unnoticed, usually;
EXAMPLES: if you don’t buy ARCS, you are passing up an opportunity of your lifetime; ARCS has passed through several editions; pass along the car please!; let it pass!; what passes in New York may not be good enough here; words passed between us; she passed out of our lives; who is he to pass judgement on ...?; weeks have passed since ...; time passes quickly when ...; and it came to pass that ...; it passes belief; it passes my comprehension that ...; I´ll pass this round; ... what has passed between us; I´ll just pass quickly over the main points again; I can’t let that pass by without comment; it’ll pass; I passed (in chemistry)!; (I) pass!; I´ll pass this round; pass it on!; I’ve been passed over again; I’m only passing through; if you pass by the butcher’s ...; life has passed her by; he drank till he passed out; you should learn to pass the ball and not hang on to it; we passed in the corridor; the crown always passes to the eldest son; this film will never pass the censors; she passed under the archway; in 1971 the United States legislature passed a National Cancer Act; I could easily pass for 55; sea water is slowly passed through square holes; time is passed by reading, writing, and listening to music; ignorance will lead to objectionable laws being passed; everything he said just passed over my head; DNA is passed from one bacterium to another; she just passed by; the bus had passed her as she left the house; a warning light comes on when a signal at red is passed; several laws have been passed in modern times; the trust property passed into the hands of a third party; he would have passed it with flying colours; replicable information will be passed on to future generations; genes are passed on from parents to their offspring; their faults she passed over; some factual beliefs have passed the test of time; the Thatcherite economic miracle has passed the urban poor by; this letter passed through unnoticed; my property will be passed to my daughters; the gut contents are passed towards the anus; time passed without this return occurring; pass the butter to me; pass me the butter; I can pass as an Englishman; a significant look passed between them; the teacher passed from one subject to another; the judge passed sentence on O.J. Simpson; several jets passed over our house; they passed over him when promotions were handed out; we were just passing through town; some events passed unnoticed; my friends passed fit for service; pass the message along to the other members; pass the chocolate around to the children; she passed herself off as a doctor; let’s pass on to another topic; parents pass a tradition down to the next generation;
SYNONYMS: move past, go by/ past; proceed, move onwards, progress, go ahead, extend, flow, fly, course, drift, stream, sweep; overlook, let go by, disregard, pay no heed, omit, ignore; pass muster in, succeed, get through, qualify in; use (up), devote, employ, occupy, expend, while away, take (up); waste, dissipate, kill; outdo, exceed, transcend, go beyond, outstrip, surmount, outdistance; tolerate, approve, accept, endorse, agree to, confirm, permit; give, hand round/ along, convey, deliver, transfer; issue, express, utter, declare, deliver, pronounce, offer; go away, vanish, fade away, evanesce, cease to exist, come to an end, die out, terminate, melt away; expire, go by, elapse, slip by, fly; crawl, drag, creep; evacuate, eliminate, excrete, urinate, defecate; occur, happen, come about, arise; meet one’s Maker, die, expire, breathe one’s last; disappear, vanish, stop, end; be regarded as, be mistaken for, be accepted as; imitate, mimic, impersonate, be disguised as, pose as, pretend to be, play; evaporate, be emitted; continue, progress, proceed; hand down/ on, transfer, make over, will; faint, black out, collapse; distribute, mete out, deal out, hand out; reject, decline, turn down, waive, forsake, let pass, pay no heed, omit;
GERMAN: vorbeigehen an, vorbeifahren an, vorbeifliegen an, passieren, überholen, überschreiten, überflügeln, überqueren, reichen, herumgeben, weitergeben, übertragen, bestehen, bestehen lassen, annehmen, gutheißen, genehmigen, freigeben, zuspielen, abspielen, abgeben, wischen (über), verbringen, vertreiben, verhängen, fällen, absondern, ausscheiden, auslassen, aneinander vorbeikommen, durchgehen, herunterkommen, eingehen, Eingang finden (in), vergehen, sich legen , vorbeigehen, entschlafen, verscheiden, überliefern, sich herumsprechen, ablaufen, vonstatten gehen, durchgehen (als), in Ohnmacht fallen, umkippen, umfallen, auf der Durchreise sein, vorübergehen lassen, verpassen;
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