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HEADWORD: pay (about/ as/ back/ by/ for/ into/ off/ on/ out of/ out to/ through/ to/ over/ with) v.
NOUNS: action, addresses, altruism, amounts, attention, aunt, balance, banker, bargain price, basic wage, benefits, book, bridging loan, brother, bus fare, business, call, caller, cash, charge, check, cheque card, civilization, clergy, club, Common Law, company, compliment, costs, course of action, cover charge, credit card, creditor, cricketers, crime, daughter, deal, deceased, director, dispositions, dividend, dividend basis, doctor, dollars, duty, each, employment, establishment, every cent/ penny, everybody, everything, evolutionists, exports, father, fees, good deed/ money, grandparents, group, help, imports, indebted countries, independence, individuals, insulation, insult, intention, interest, invoice, judges, legacies, legal procedures, lip service, little attention, loan, local budgets, man, maximum wage, men, minimum wage, money, more rope, mortgage, mother, national schools, necessity, nothing, object under trust, offspring, odds, one’s belief/ crime/ current account/ deposit account/ dues/ final respects/ fine/ life/ mistake/ own creditors/ own pocket/ respects/ share/ shareholders/ taxes, paediatrician, particular attention, part-time work, penalty, pension fund, people, person, players, poor working man, porter, pounds, price, primary state sector, professional adviser, proper fee, psychiatrist, rates, real price, record, retainer, ruling body, seaman, sister, son, spectators, staff, state, subscription, summer, sum of money, sum(s), Temptation payoff, tenants, tickets, travelling expenses, tribute, trick, trust, uncle, visit, what one owes, winnings, woman, women;
ADVERBS: adequately, amply, annually, at last, certainly, dearly, directly, daily, double, first, forever, handsomely, heavily, highly, in the long run, initially, monthly, never, no longer, not at all, not even, often, poorly, readily, twice as much, usually, weekly, well, workmen;
EXAMPLES: honesty pays; crime doesn’t pay; if it happens again we’ll have to pay him off; come on, pay up, I want my money; her account is paid up; how much is there to pay?; it’s already paid for; how much did you pay for it?; I pay you to prevent such mistakes; in future it would pay you to ask; it doesn’t pay you to be kind nowadays; he paid a visit to the doctor; the middle-classes paid a heavy price for their liberation; they were paid about double; I felt he had never paid attention to or been interested in what women thought; the good deed can be paid back; I wish it to be paid by you; I´ll pay him if it’s the last thing to do; the tax due shall be paid in quarterly payments; would you help if you got paid for it?; please pay may respects to your wife; my parents paid for me to go to university in Hamburg; fees have to be paid; his share was paid out to him; pay out more rope so that we can reach it; they were offered inducements to sign and paid over the odds; the Babylonians paid particular interest to seven-day periods; she helped in the shop, for which she was paid; it’s a business that pays; it’s paying at last; when do you want me to pay you back?; a fee was paid to the ruling body; you have 20 days to pay the invoice; he had paid value for the object under trust; nurses are poorly paid; the banker pays each of us $2000; she paid to money to me; have you paid for the books?; he pays nothing in return; the banker paid you the Temptation payoff; we’ll pay him out for everything he’s done to you, never fear!; we have been paying into a pension fund; he paid out of his own pocket; she paid me back for the tickets; her business pays well; the benefits had been paid out to the workers; more and more people were paying for their belief in the dictator; they gain the benefits without paying the costs; I’m paying you, aren’t I?;
SYNONYMS: compensate, reward, indemnify, benefit; reimburse, repay, refund; pay off/ out/ up, honour, meet; give, pass on, deliver, transmit, extend; profit, avail, benefit, prove profitable, yield a return, produce results, be advantageous; retaliate, repay, requite, avenge oneself for, treat in kind, strike/ hit back, punish, chastise; answer (for), make amends (for), atone (for), suffer the consequences, undergo punishment (for); earn money, produce money; buy off, bribe, grease s.o.´s palm, slip s.o.; deal put, distribute, give out; spend, contribute; let out, loosen, release;
GERMAN: bezahlen, zahlen, ausschütten, sich lohnen, sich auszahlen, ein Geschäft sein, abstatten, aufsuchen, büßen (für), zurückzahlen, erwidern, sich revanchieren, heimzahlen, einzahlen, auszahlen, abmustern, abbezahlen, tilgen, ablösen, befriedigen, entlassen, sich auszahlen, ausgeben, ablaufen lassen, aushändigen;
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