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HEADWORD: pick (at/ off/ on/ out/ out of/ over/ up/ up after/ up for/ up on) v.
NOUNS: accent, affectation, aircraft, album, animals, appetite, apples, argument, attitude, award, babies, bad habits, banjo, bargains, beacon, bed of a stream, behaviour, bill, blazer, blueberries, bone, book, bottle of wine, boys, business, camera, candidate, car, chair, chicken, clothes, clothing, conversation, cook, corn, correct moment, criminal, criminal law, currency, daughter, degree, design, designing, doctor, ears, echoes, economy, engine, examples, external factors, faint smell, far-fetched word, features, fields, fight(s), fishermen, fleas, floor, flowers, fluff, foreigners, forms of killing, freight, fruit, friend, genius, German, girl(s), goods, government agents, ground, group of things, habit, helicopter, holes, idea, illness, infection, information, jacket, job, language, leading dancer, letters, lifeboat, lock, mail, materials, meat, media coverage, melon, message, mistake(s), money, monkeys, more evidence, mouldings, mushrooms, musical instrument, mystery virus, nail polish, national economy, nematode, new health regime, news, nice ties, object(s), one’s day/ feet/ food/ nose/ teeth/ time/ way, one another´s fur, oneself, pace, paper, parasite, part, particular feature/ point/ topic/ theme, passengers, pebbles, people, person, piece of information/ misinformation, pieces, phone, plants, plums, pockets, police, poor woman, prize, quantity of things, quarrel, quiet sound, quota, radar, railway station, radio signal, reputation, rhythms, road, room, rudiments of driving, salad, scent, seat, sense organs, shelf, sides, skill, slimmers, s.o.´s brains/ pockets, son, song, sound, splinter, spot on one’s chin, spotlight, station, stitch, story, strings, student(s), subject, surface, tab, tearing winds, techniques, telephone, television signal, theme(s), thorns, thread of a lecture, thrush, tips, tool, tradition, traffic, trees, trunks, tune, vagrancy, volume, wanted man, water, water bowl, way, winner, wood, workers;
ADVERBS: also, always, clearly, easily, ever, gradually, irritably, just, never, once again, solidly, usually;
EXAMPLES: pick me (out) a nice apple; pick (out) a nice apple for me; Patrick picks at his food; he picked this album from our CD library; Helga always picks on me; stop picking at your sister; they picked me to serve as a teacher trainer; you really pick your times, don’t you?; why pick on me?; pick on someone your own size!; he knows to pick ´em; the crows picked the carcass clean; she tried to pick up an argument with me about ... ; I had to pick out the best candidate for the job; she was always picking up after me; we pick a far-fetched word; she picked at them irritably; you can pick from the examples I have described; a poor woman picked a wooden marker up and used it for firewood; does English criminal law pick out the most heinous forms of killing as murders?; a genius will pick out the correct moment; they pick that subject/ theme out and define it; large fish allow cleaners to pick their teeth; some people pick up techniques without too much problem; our national economy picks up solidly; the chances are that you pick your day for starting; just pick what suits you; you always like to pick and choose; he picked his blazer off the chair; she started picking a spot on her cheek; he had ceased to pick quarrels with her; monkeys pick at one another´s fur; he picked himself off the ground; a bad teacher picks on his pupils and is always looking for faults; I could just pick out the letters HB; she picked over a crate of oranges; did you pick up any German?; babies can easily pick up a mild fungus infection; read your work through so that if there is a mistake you’ll pick it up; I´d like to pick up the point John made; we picked up the conversation form where we had left it; the car gradually picked up speed until it was out of sight; may I just pick you up on what you said about Germans?;
SYNONYMS: choose, sort out, select, single out, opt for, decide on/ upon, elect, settle upon; collect gather, harvest, pluck, garner; provoke, incite, stir up, foment, initiate; criticize, find fault with, annoy, irritate, harass, carp, bother, quibble, pester; kill, shoot; bully, ride, abuse, intimidate, harry, needle, torment; distinguish, discern, tell apart, make out, discriminate; raise (up), lift (up), hoist; gather, glean; tidy (up), clean (up), neaten; learn, acquire, become acquainted with, master; get hold of, obtain, purchase, buy; get better, improve, make headway, rally, perk up, progress, move ahead, increase; accelerate, speed up; take into custody, arrest, apprehend; give a lift/ ride to, collect, call for; meet, introduce, accost, acquaintance with, make advances to; catch, contract, dome down with, get;
GERMAN: auswählen, wählen, aufstellen, erraten, ziehen, aussuchen, finden, zupfen (an), kratzen (an), bohren, picken, hacken, knacken, zerzupfen, bemäkeln, widerlegen, stehlen, inspirieren, entfernen (von), pflücken, rupfen, anreißen, herumstochern (in), herumhacken (auf), heraussuchen, auswählen, auslesen, ausmachen, entdecken, richten (auf), hervorheben, improvisieren, durchsehen, untersuchen, aufheben, aufsammeln, zusammensuchen, hochheben, aufnehmen, abnehmen, bezahlen, fortfahren, fortsetzen, holen, bekommen, sich angewöhnen, aufschnappen, sich zuziehen, verdienen, aneignen, lernen, herausbekommen, abholen, mitnehmen, bergen, schnappen, aufreißen, aufgabeln, abschleppen, hereinbekommen, kriegen, empfangen, auffangen, ausmachen, sichten, korrigieren, wider auf die Beine stellen, auf Vordermann bringen, besser werden, zunehmen, florieren, sich erholen, rund laufen, schneller werden, weitermachen, bekannt werden (mit), eine Bekanntschaft machen (mit);
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