The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
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HEADWORD: point (at/ in/ out/ to/ towards/ up) v.
NOUNS: administration, agency, analogy, author, authorities, bishop, boat, brickwork, building, camera, cases of corruption, common moral malaise, communication patterns, compass needle, conclusions, conference, critic, desire, direction, director, discrimination, doctor, door, drunk, dying man, economic activity/ recovery, everything, fallacy, finger, flight of capital, forces, friend, game, government, group, gun, Hebrew, higher taxes, hillsides, illogicality, instability, instructor, interaction, house, King, lecturer, lovely places, moral, north, object, one’s eyes/ feet/ finger/ toes, oneself, patient, pencil, people, person, plants, Pope, priest, problem(s), professor, psalm, Queen, question, relation, report, ruler, selected star, sights, signs, similarities, situation, snake, stick, strangers, success, teacher, telescope, text, therapist, trainer, valley, vehicle, wall, way, writer(s);
ADVERBS: actually, already, also, always, backwards, bluntly, directly, earlier, especially, first, forwards, further, just, now, often, proudly, quite correctly, really, relentlessly;
EXAMPLES: the finger was pointed at cases of corruption; it also pointed to two further conclusions; the effect is especially pointed in the interaction; he (also/ often/ further) pointed out that ...; I´d like to point out that ...; it may now be pointed out that ...; such errors pointed up the need to double-check everything; he pointed out the obvious reason for this last coincidence; a child may wonder what shape a triangle is, and have it pointed out to her; as we pointed out in the judgement ...; he pointed the way towards a large-scale penetration; government reports pointed to widespread discrimination against young blacks; she pointed to the need to revitalize urban economics; Juliana pointed at me; she pointed a gun at her husband; they pointed to poverty as a major problem; the evidence pointed to O.J. Simpson as the criminal; the teacher pointed a shaking finger at my friend and hissed with rage; the street sign pointed towards the cathedral; just point them in the right direction; if one considers the direction in which this points, the outcome must be obvious; I´ll point her out to you; experts pointed up the similarities in these policies; it is worth pointing out that ...; in pointing out that ...; as scarcely needs pointing out, these ...; politicians must justify their position by pointing to these considerations of reason and policy; his director pointed him along the path to perfection;
SYNONYMS: indicate, call direct attention to; aim, level train, direct; designate, show, exhibit, identify, indicate; say, bring up, emphasize, stress, point up, call attention to, remind; accentuate, underline, accent, spotlight, underscore;
GERMAN: richten (auf), weisen (auf), drehen (in), gehen (nach), anzeigen, zeigen, beweisen, anspitzen, verfugen, interpunktieren, vokalisieren, mit Deklarationszeichen versehen, deuten, hinweisen (auf), hindeuten (auf), liegen, aufmerksam machen (auf), unterstreichen, betonen, veranschaulichen, verdeutlichen, deutlich machen;
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