The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS) Copyright 1997
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HEADWORD: pose (along/ as/ at/ in/ for/ in front of/ to) v.
NOUNS: agent, alternative concept, anthropogenic loading of greenhouse gases, approach, artist, authority, bride and groom, café table, central dilemma, century, chancroid, Christianity, climate change, conditions, crusaders, dangers, delicate problem, development challenges, difficult questions, difficulties, doctrinal challenge, drugs, engineer, existence, expert, father, government, guns versus butter, heretics, idea, individual liberty, interviewer, Islam, issues, joke, large numbers, lecturer, level, management difficulties, military challenge, mirror, missionary problem, model(s), mother, nude, one’s question(s), overdoses, particular difficulties/ problems, party, patient, patterning, person, photograph, pointless threat, political legitimacy, problem, professor, psychological problems, questions, role, same way, speaker, special problems, steering problems, studio, talk, task, teacher, technological imperative, technology, therapeutic needs, threat, threat to property, unions, unprofessional coaching, wave fronts;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: alertly, also, always, commonly, earlier, fashionably, first, languidly, naked, never, only, rarely, simply, still, twice;
EXAMPLES: I simply pose these difficult questions; some patients pose very difficult management problems; another joke posed the question about ...; these practices pose problems as far as treatment is concerned; they pose particular problems in the management of ...; this task poses no special problems; she posed a question to the speaker; she posed for an artist; he posed her at a café table; they pose no real problem or threat to ...; they are rarely posed as clearly as this; it is a challenge posed, as we saw, not only by those who ...; these measures address the issues posed by climate change; these contrasted conditions pose different problems for ...; the problem was commonly posed as guns versus butter; the technological imperative can be seen to pose a central dilemma; heretics posed a more serious problem; it also posed a delicate problem for the Home Secretary himself; ... but she’s only posing;
SYNONYMS: place, arrange, position, set (up), put; sit, model; attitudinze, act the part/ role of, portray, represent, impersonate, masquerade as, imitate, mimic; posture, put on airs, pass oneself off, pass for; set, submit, broach, ask, posit, present, postulate, predicate, advance;
GERMAN: aufstellen, vortragen, aufwerfen, darstellen, formulieren, sitzen, Modell stehen, posieren, sich in Pose werfen, sich ausgeben als;
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