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HEADWORD: possess (of/ with) v.
NOUNS: ability, Allies, animals, associative strength, assurance, ball, beauty, beliefs, Berlin, body clock, bridge, business, car, characteristic of self-reference, child, children, clear mind, colony, comfortable bed, company, complex structures, computer, corporation, crafts, degree, demons, devil, dictator, different values, document, drugs, dubious distinction, dynamic stability, environment, estimate, evil spirits, expertise, explosives, facts, faculties, family, features, feelings, firearm, firm, foreign language, forest, freehold interest in land, great wealth, hat, house, human race, idea, inalienable rights, information, island, judge, King, knowledge, land, letter, London, magic, mental power, money, moral institution, nameless hauntings, necessary documentation, nervous temperament, notion, occupier, offensive weapon, oneself, organic being, parents, part, particular feature, per cent, person, petrol bombs, population, power of control, qualities, quality, Queen, reason, religious identity, resources, rights and duties, ring, sad tiredness, society, space, specialist skills, story, suit, superior resources, talent, television, tenant, territories, ticket, tree cover, trustee, violent rage, war leader, wonder;
ADVERBS: at present, no longer, only, still; EX: what on earth possessed you to come here?; what possessed you to do it?; he was possessed of a freehold interest in land; the area no longer possessed any tree cover; they felt to be possessed by different values; he possessed the same nervous temperament as Juliana; he fought like one possessed; the Muslim population possessed the specialist skills and crafts; she seemed to be possessed with a sad tiredness; how I longed to possess a car like that; he possessed the qualities of a war leader; why am I so possessed by her?; the story possesses all the lurid melodramatic features of a soap opera; the occupier possesses certain rights and duties; Man possesses the characteristic of self-reference;
SYNONYMS: be in possession of, have, be endowed with, enjoy, own; be born with, contain, include, embody, embrace; control, govern, dominate, take control of, obsess, preoccupy, consume; charm, cast a spell on, captivate, bewitch, enthral; be influenced/ dominated by, be affected with, be inspired with; acquire, come by, gain, obtain, secure, seize, take possession of, achieve;
GERMAN: besitzen, haben, verfügen (über), an sich nehmen, in Besitz nehmen, besessen sein (von);
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