The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
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HEADWORD: pour (along/ at/ away/ down/ for/ forth/ from/ in/ into/ off/ on/ out of/ over/ to/ through/ up/ upon/ with) v.
NOUNS: activity, agency, animals, blood, books, can, cars, coffee, cold water, concentrated vitriol, container, contents, country, country people, crack, crowd(s), cup, cup of coffee/ tea, donations, dress, drink, energy, entrance, factories, feelings, fans, fumes, further education, gaping wound, glass, government, gravy, headquarters, hole, horrifying story, idea, information, jug, large amount/ quantities, letter-box, lies, liquid, meat, men, messages, milk, money, novels, oil, one’s cheeks/ energies/ experiences/ feelings/ heart/ thanks/ thoughts, oneself, paraffin, particular place, people, philosophers, pit, plan, poems, pot, presses, project, protagonist, protests, rain, refugees, religious reform, reports, rest, rice, road, salt, schools, scoop, service, sieve, sink, smoke, spouts, state, street(s), students, substance, sugar, tank, tea, tea leaves, teapot, tears, town, troubled waters, troubles, scorn, s.o.´s life, stories, sweat, underground stations, volume, waiter, water, whisky, wine, words, workers;
ADVERBS: all day/ night, carefully, continually, literally, merely, uncontrolledly, very well;
EXAMPLES: pour the boiling water over the tea leaves and let them steep for a few minutes; pour the water off the potatoes; books poured off the presses; cars poured along the roads; water poured continually from a constant-level tank into one scoop after another of a large water wheel; crowds of country people poured in; the government poured money uncontrolledly into this service; he has poured more trouble into her life; scorn and more is poured on its protagonists; stories, novels and poems literally poured out of her; they poured out a huge volume of edicts; the most concentrated vitriol was poured upon the Jews; Marx poured scorn on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century philosophers; the waitress poured wine into my glass; I poured myself another glass of tea; shall I pour?; this jug/ teapot doesn’t pour very well; the rain poured through a hole in the roof; the rain had been pouring down all night; reports of the earthquake poured in; she poured cold water on my plans; I was on the verge of pouring out all my feelings;
SYNONYMS: flow, run, flood, course, discharge, spew out, rush, gush, cascade; empty, let out; stream, crowd, swarm, emerge, issue (forth), sally forth, go (forth), throng; rain, teem, rain cats and dogs;
GERMAN: schütten, eingießen, einschenken, ausgießen, ausschütten, abgießen, hineinpumpen, strömen, ausstoßen, als Gastgeber fungieren, weggießen, hereinströmen, hineinströmen, eintreffen, herausströmen, herausströmen, hervorquellen, heraussprudeln, ausspucken, von der Seele reden;
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