The Advanced Readerīs Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
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HEADWORD: prepare (for/ from/ on) v.
NOUNS: action, activity, animal, another round, antibiotic, appetizing meal, architect, arrival, aunt, author, authorities, background, bad news, battle, board, body, body clock, breakfast, Britain, Germany, broad policy, captain, Catholics, chef, chemist, children, Christians, Christmas binge, church, citizens, codification, commentators, company, components, compositions, compound, continuation, cook, country, Court of Appeal, courts, crew, departure, developments, dishes, doctor(s), draft, dreams, duke, escapade, event, exam, examination, fabric, father, fight, fits of boredom, fluorescent screen, food, foraging, forthcoming conference, funeral, future, God, governments, grandfather, grandmother, ground, group, guests, healthy meal, house, Indians, interferon, invention, jurists, laboratories, language course, legislation, lesson plan, letter, life, little gift, manifesto, master, military, mother, nation, new situation/ theory, notebooks, one’s classes, oneself, paper, parents, person, plant, players, power cuts, practice, predatory animals, presentation, professor, program(s), propaganda, publication, radium, reader(s), report, research units, reviews, rigours, room, scheme, scientists, section, sermon, service units, shock, s.o.īs death, special curry, sponsors, statement, stimulus, strenuous journey, sub-group, subjects, summit meeting, teacher, therapist, thermos, training borstal, uncle, unpleasant news, uterus, vaccines, war, way, work;
ADVERBS: actively, adequately, already, also, carefully, ceremoniously, elaborately, enough, explicitly, finally, never, never finally, not really, only, psychologically, specially, spiritually, systematically, too, well;
EXAMPLES: prepare yourself for a shock; have you prepared adequately for the meeting?; I have prepared myself for bad news; prepare a simple breakfast for them both; the material was more potent than any he had himself prepared; the ground has been prepared by what he has described as ...; we pick up our cards and prepare for another round; in order to prepare further for the forthcoming conference, they were told of the US-UK discussions; a bit of tough training will prepare him for borstal if nothing else; neither was prepared or able to face the reality of the other; they prepare the way too for the later conception of trust; predatory animals can prepare themselves for the activity of hunting; he was preparing for the examination; we prepare ourselves for unpleasant news; they were preparing to leave; they were prepared to discover the ...; I was psychologically prepared to hear the information; equally, I am prepared to advocate that ...; subjects need to be prepared to learn about the context; dreams can prepare us for real life; he read a short sermon he had prepared with great care and thought;
SYNONYMS: get ready, make fit/ ready, arrange, organize, provide for, lay the groundwork (for), equip, outfit, fit (out), put in order, adapt; train, study, practise; educate, teach, groom, brief, develop; cook (up), make, do; manufacture, produce, put out/ together, turn out, forge, fashion, mould; brace, ready, fortify, strengthen, steel; process, treat, change, modify, transform;
GERMAN: vorbereiten (auf/ für), ausarbeiten, zubereiten, fertig machen, präparieren, aufbereiten, sich gefasst machen (auf), sich einstellen (auf), vorbereiten, Vorbereitungen treffen (für), Anstalten machen;
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