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HEADWORD: present (along with/ as/ at/ during/ for/ from/ in/ on/ to/ with) v.
NOUNS: aberration, account, accountant, action, actuality, adult vertebrate, analysis, another light, appearance of normality, architectural design, argument, area, art collection, artist, aspects, award(s), bird, book, brave face, bride, Cabinet, candidate, case, casualty, challenge, chapters, cheque, choice, Christ, Christianity, click, commentator, complex shapes, compound, conceptual analysis, conditioning, considerable difficulties, constitution, context, contingencies, contrasts, control subjects, Court, critical results, CS, cues, current theories, daughter, department, difficulties, distance receptors, economists, elements, environment, eternal immutable truth, ethical dilemmas, event, evidence, experimental results, experience, explanation, facade, familiar odour, father, fellow-believers, figure, film, final draft(/ exam, flavour, fluid, food, force of the argument, functions, general data/ technique, gift, glass trinkets, gold watch, government, hefty bill, historical problems, history, hours, ideal, idea(s), information, inspector(s), intellectual challenge, interpretations, interval, keylights, lawyer for the defence, laws, light, local players, magnitude, major challenge, material, matter, medal, method, monitoring faculty, mother, mysteries, new production, occasion, oneself, one’s life, opportunities, opportunity, orientations, outbreaks of disorder, part, particular thing, parties, party, person, people, petition for divorce, phenomenon, picture, point of view, position, posture, preceding trial, pre-exposure, pre-trained stimuli, prize, problem(s), prognosis, proof, property, proposal, public, region, reinforcement, report, ruler(s), sceptics, sections, series of tones, shifted cultivator, show, social teaching, solution(s), son, splendid opportunity, sport, stimulus, table, target stimulus, theory, theses, thesis, threat, test environment, treatment, unaccustomed context, uncontroversial common ground, view, viewers, voucher, warriors, world, X-ray;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: above, accordingly, again, alone, already, also, at first, concurrently, directly, earlier, ever, first, here, immediately, just, often, only recently, originally, repeatedly, separately, serially, simultaneously, shortly before, socially, so far, sometimes, subsequently, together, uncorrelated, widely;
EXAMPLES: I´d like to present my daughter; Juliana presented the appearance of normality; is it tonight that they present the awards?; they presented him with the prize for the best poem; Helga presented me with another daughter; her report presents the matter in another light; she presented a brave face to the world; Mareike´s action presented us with a problem; she presented herself for her final exam; she was asked to present herself for an interview; and here, to present our show, is the inimitable Joe Norton!; he has presented a general technique for generating solutions; Lord Swindon presented a paper to the Cabinet; in view of the prognosis presented above, it is ...; it is presented along with cues; much that is presented as conceptual analysis is really much more; three theses were presented as part of an explanation of the concept of authority; the flavour is presented as fluid; typically the various stimuli are presented concurrently; consistency with the argument presented earlier would seem to demand that ...; however, they will be presented here in a more general way; the flavour is presented itself very early in his life; the magnitude of the US was presented on the preceding trial; the evidence just presented seems to suggest that ...; the experimental results presented so far have not been conclusive; as originally presented, the method is to consider ...; the choice presented to viewers tends to be between ...; we are directly presented with them in our ordinary experience;
SYNONYMS: introduce, make known, acquaint with; offer, give, show, exhibit, stage, produce, mount; hand over formally, give out, award, bestow on, hand/ turn over, furnish, provide; dole out, dispense, distribute, deal out, mete out; proffer, offer, bring in/ up, introduce, put forward, adduce, file, register, record; announce, introduce;
GERMAN: übergeben, überreichen, schenken, zum Geschenk machen, präsentieren, vorlegen, erbringen (für), unterbreiten, bieten, stellen (vor), zeigen, aufführen, moderieren, vorstellen, einführen (bei), richten, zielen (auf), sich ergeben, aufstellen (als), erscheinen;
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