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HEADWORD: proceed (according to/ against/ as/ at/ in/ from/ out of/ through/ to/ under/ with) v.
NOUNS: analyst, assumption, attending, belief, boycott, cabinet, case(s), Catholics, committee, caution, conviction, corporations, courts, courtship, divorce, drying, economic practice, economically unjust society, erosion, essay, evolution, execution, explanation, express support, fashion, figures, flow of ideas, formation, game, gate, genetic evolution, glaciation, grass, habituation, idea, happiness, history, hope, human condition, individual, inhibitory conditioning procedure, items, jurists, leaning, logging, mediation, moral education, negotiations, next item, normative theses, one’s research/ work, organization, outcropping, particular direction/ treatment, path, people, performance, person, place, plaintiff, plan, point(s), premise, prey, problem(s), project, question-and-answer, ranks, reaction(s), referendum, right reason, road, rules, sale, section(s), series, site, smell, sound, stimulus, street, temperature(s), television genre, text, thesis, T-junction, town, training, trees, tribunal, unwanted pregnancy, vehicle, wave, wisdom;
ADVERBS: along, also, always, backwards, differently, easily, effectively, forwards, gradually, however, immediately, more easily/ rapidly, normally, probably, quickly, rapidly, really, satisfactorily, slowly, still, therefore, unceasingly, well;
EXAMPLES: after the break the performance will proceed; please proceed to gate 4; vehicles must proceed with caution; it was possible to proceed against individual items of the debtor’s property; before we proceed any further ...; can we now proceed with the next item on the agenda?; they proceeded with their plan; it would probably proceed as follows: ...; a reaction may not proceed at low temperatures; the text proceeds as follows; we will therefore proceed by ...; negotiations are proceeding well; you may proceed; if you had proceeded according to the rules ...; we proceed on the assumption that ...; the jurists thought it appropriate to proceed differently in either case; they proceeded with the case; they proceed from right reason; evolution does not proceed in a particular direction; they wished to proceed through the ranks; they may proceed to claim that ...; water hyacinths proceed towards the sea; does evolution always proceed uphill?; one simplifying assumption has to be explained before we proceed; he agreed with his cabinet to proceed with a referendum; induction proceeds on the basis of these three tables; the explanation proceeds through normative theses of three kinds; before proceeding further, let us try to ...; I am proceeding in the belief that ...; the boycott was proceeding without his express support; she proceeded to tell us every detail; he proceeded to explain/ outline ...;
SYNONYMS: go/ move (ahead/ forward/ on), advance, carry on, move along, start, pass on, make progress/ headway, progress, push on/ onwards, forge ahead, renew, go on with, get going/ moving/ under way; arise (from), spring from, originate (from/ in/ with), begin (with), descend from, emerge (from), derive from, be derived from;
GERMAN: weiterfahren, fortfahren, weitergehen, übergehen (zu), sich begeben, weiterführen, lauten, verlaufen, gut vorankommen, das Wort haben, vorgehen, kommen von, herrühren von, vorgehen gegen, anstrengen;
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