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HEADWORD: produce (as/ at/ for/ in/ through/ with) v.
NOUNS: abridgement, adaptations, advance, agents, agricultural products, alienation, alteration, alternative solutions, amount, analysis, angry response, animal(s), antibiotics, appearances, approach, archbishop, argument, art, article, artificial selection, artist, associative strength, attacks, band, beam, benefits, bishop, bitterness, blisters, body-clock, book, bowls, Britain, bud, burst of activity, capital, cars, cells, change of context, chemical agent, chic image, children, clique, coal, colonists, combinations, comment, competitiveness, complete deadlock, compositions, computer models, conciliation, conjectures, contrast, control procedures, convention, copy, corpus, corpus of thought, cortisol, cow, criminal types, criticism, crop, cultural shift, cures, curvature, danger, data, desirable effects, definition, development, diagnoses, diminution, document(s), drama, drawn game, drugs, dull play, economic efficiency/ structure, electricity, emissions, end, energy, environment, enzymes, essay, evidence, exercise(s), extension of knowledge, experiments, external causes, extra digits, factory, false picture, famine, feeling of pleasure, fertile hybrids, film, five-year plan, flowers, food, fridge, fruits, fumes, fungi, generalization decrement, general conviction, genes, gentlemenís agreement, gift, glands, gonococcus, goods, group(s), gun, habituation, hard drawing, hardship, heating, history, hostile climate, human mind, hypotheses, ideas, immunity, impression, inconsistent results, increase, incredible backhand, individual(s), infection, infusion, inhibitory substances, institute, interest, interferon, internal causes/ factor, interpretation, iron deficiency, juvenile hormone, knowledge, Labour, labour market, ladder of offences, land, latent inhibition, laughter, law, lengthy exposure, lesions, letter, level, life-style, lighting, line, livestock, loss, loss of effectiveness/ vigour, machine, magazine, majority, masterpiece, match, material, meal, meat, mechanisms, meeting(s), mental concepts, methane, method, milk, mine, monstrosities, moon, multitude, natural selection, necessity, news, nitrous oxide, nodes, number, offspring, oil-painting, orchestration, oscillations, outcome, package, pain, painting, paper, passport, pastoral letter, peace, people, peoples, penicillin, performance deficit, period(s), person, phenomenon, phenomena, philosophy, pistol, plant, play, pleasure, police, political process, pollen, preparation, presentation, preview, principles, problems, procedure, processes, program, programme(s), proof, property, proposal, psychological attributes, psychologist(s), psychotherapy, queen, reaction, reason, recall, recombination, reinforces, remissions, renewable forms of energy production, report, responses, results, return, reverse effect, revolutions, rhythm, rhythmic input, sculpture, secretion(s), sensation, sequence of ranks, set of movements, sheets of cells, sensation, shock, shortcuts, short-lived effect, signal, significant achievements, signs, silent paroxysm, singularities, sketch, slime, societal structures, society, sort, sound, sources, spark, spate of books, sperm, sputum, state of affairs, statistics, steel, stimulus, strains, strategic planning, strategies, success, suggestion, sulphide, sun, sweat, symptoms, systems, team, television programme, temperature-rise, test performance, testing, text, theologians, theory, thing, threat of danger, ticket, time-cues, total agreement, tradition, training procedures, transfer, tree, tumours, turbulence, type, unfavourable climate, units, arthritis, urgency, vaginal discharge, verse, view, volume, wallet, waves, wealth, whiteness, whole, wide-ranging results, witness, work of art, work(s), X-rays, young;
ADVERBS: actually, almost, also, always, apparently, best, cheaply, commercially, easily, equally, frequently, gradually, mechanically, mentally, inevitably, mostly, often, perfectly, rarely, soon, suddenly, surgically, therefore, unquestionably, usually, well;
EXAMPLES: this news produced a sensation; the majority of males can produce a certain amount of mucus at the urethra meats; they do not produce a rhythmic input to the body; I would produce a hard drawing; this is unlikely to produce anything more than ...; I canít produce it out of thin air; whoís producing you?; it was reported to produce blisters; he produced a gun; females produce large gametes; it was well produced; to produce monumental works was the goal of many painters; a brief exposure will, therefore, produce only the short-lived effect; consent my produce the results; in effect, the Bermuda talks produced a gentlemenís agreement; more novel are the results produced by a third group of subjects; this produced complete deadlock in the conference; sensory images which we refer to events outside us, are produced in us by motions; the experiment produced results suggesting that ...; barbarian invasions almost produced the collapse of the Roman empire; the genes are responsible for producing them in successive generations;
SYNONYMS: make, bring out, manufacture, fabricate, generate, turn out, create; assemble, construct, compose; cast, mould; yield, cause, give rise to, bring about/ forth/ up, initiate, occasion, spark, evoke, put forth; breed, propagate, give birth to, grow, hatch; present, introduce, offer, show, exhibit, display, mount, stage; disclose, bring to light, draw, reveal; supply, provide, deliver, distribute, furnish;
GERMAN: produzieren, herstellen, machen, erzeugen, hervorrufen, abwerfen, fördern, schreiben, anfertigen, bringen, hervorbringen, tragen, bekommen, hervorholen (aus), vorzeigen, vorweisen, ziehen (aus), liefern, beibringen, inszenieren, spielen;
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