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HEADWORD: provide (against/ for/ of/ to/ with/ without) v.
NOUNS: abuses, account, Act, addition, adequate alternative/ intake, agency, agreement, all emergencies, ample cause(/ scope, analogy, analysis, analytic extension, answer(s), antlers, anxious thoughts, appendix, arbitrary examples, architects, areas, argument, armies, array, artificial light, atmosphere, background, bacteria, basis, behaviour, biochemistry, board, brains, calories, car, case, case example, catalyst, central dogma, chapter, charcoal, chairs, charities, Christianity, church, clause, clothing, common denominator, component, compulsory registration, computer, conditioned suppression procedure, conditions, confirmation, considerable support, constants, contemporary context, contract, convenient/ propitious starting point, correspondence, course of inquiry, cover, coverage, criteria, cult, currently, cycle of nature, daughter, defendant, definition(s), deforestation, democracy, description, design, destruction, difficulties, distinctions of birth, distortion, distraught relatives, driving force/ power, education, effect, effective springboard, eggs, electricity, emotional power, empirical results, employment, encounters, encouragement, energy, engineer, environment, essentialism, every eventuality, everyday image, evidence, evolution, example(s), excellent model, exception, excuse, exemplar, existence, expansion, expenditure, experience, expert help, expertise, explanation, extreme instance, family, father, fellows, field, filaments, firm foundation, first soundings of reactions, focus, food, food and clothes/ drink, force of contraction, forms of help, formula, formulation, foundation, framework, further advances/ examples, generosity, genes, golden openings, good example/ excuse, grafting tissue, grass, groundwork, heirs, historical perspective, Hollywood cinema, home, hospices, housekeeper, human culture, husband, hypotheses, hypothesis, ideas, illustrations, image, impetus, important link, impression, income, increase in costs, independence, independent evidence, induction, information, inhabitants, inquisitorial legal process, insight, instance, institute, intrasexual selection, ironic counterpoint, issue of drugs, job, just cause, juvenile misrule, justification, key, knowledge, labour, ladder of offences, landownership, language(s), latent inhibition procedure, law, legal thicket, light, links, little evidence, Lord, lucky accident, magic power, maker, male-to-male exclusion, material(s), means, means of communication, measure, measure of time, men, method, mode of action, model, modest space, money, mother, motor camper, music, natural way, nature, needs of the household, neuromuscular systems, new rush, newspaper, no easy guide, no reason, notable example, nuclear transplantation, number, offence, office, one’s wife and children, one’s words, opinion, opportunity, ordinary treatment, organizational resource, organizer, out-of-state funds, oxygen, parish priests, partial answer, patient(s), pattern, pattern of law, payoffs, penalties, perceptual systems, person, personal safety, personnel, philosopher, plausible answer, polarizing region, popular backing, popularity, positional signal, power contest/ cut, powerful means, precedent, president, primeval soup, privacy, problem, process, program, programmer(s), promotion, properties, protectors, proteins, pursuit, rain, realm, records, regime, relatives, relief, remedies, remedy, report(s), results, rights and duties, Royal Society, rule(s), safeguards, salaries, science, school(s), scruples, sea-urchin, scheme, section of a book, sector, security, sense of relief, service(s), set of facts, setting, shade, sharp contrast, sick, similar basis, similarity, skeleton, soil, solace and comfort, solution, son, soothing/ uplifting hope, soup, source, spark, specialist knowledge, stadia, standard design, starting point, state, stimulation, stock object, story, striking example, string, student(s), study, subject matter, subjects, sugar, suicide patients, suitable medium/ models, summary, summary form, sun, survival machines, teacher(s), template, tenant, terms, testator, text, theory, therapist, topic of conversation, training, transformation, treaty, underground caves, units, use, use of medication, vegetation, vestry members, vigilant observation, wall, ways, weight, wider horizons, women, work, work of art, world of concealment, writer;
ADVERBS: already, also, directly, ever, explicitly, however, ideally, initially, later, legally, merely, normally, often, otherwise, then, simply, thoughtfully, thus, too, unfortunately, well;
EXAMPLES: the Lord will provide; I can’t provide enough food for everyone; he provided a theoretical justification for the method; two statutes provided a remedy; expert help can be provided; my job provided me with enough overseas experience; he is a husband who provides well; the contract provides that ...; the law provides against such abuses; we have provided for an increase in costs of 25%; they have provided architects with important social information; considerable support was provided through frequent contact with nursing staff; eloquent testimony is provided by a report on remembrance ceremony; a good example is provided by ...; this can be provided by ...; the opening sections of this book have already provided evidence of juvenile misrule; in this case the testator has provided for that; he then provided: ...; further examples were provided in summary form in Chapter 10; a case example is provided later; he provided her with some of his better one-liners; examples are provided of the use of medication; the new languages provided only a modest space for parody; originally the bill provided that ...; their cult provided a way of securing social cohesion in the locality; ideally, provided you are not ill, you can continue with some exercise; you will be able to succeed in almost anything provided you set about the problem in the right way; the method provides a way of ...; he thus provides a notable example of ...; it also provides an opportunity for the therapist to ...; this case provides an example of relatively poor use of brief treatment; this then provides the background for the next comment; it provides the defendant with no legal protection against a murder verdict;
SYNONYMS: supply, equip, provision, outfit, furnish; give, afford, yield, lend, impart, accord, offer, present; stipulate, lay down, give as a condition, state, require, specify; make provision for, take precautions against, guard against, take measures against; maintain, support, keep, care for, look after, sustain; prepare for, allow for, anticipate, arrange for, make arrangements for, get ready for, make plans for, plan for;
GERMAN: zur Verfügung stellen, vermitteln, bereitstellen, sorgen (für), Sorge tragen (für), liefern, schaffen, spenden, geben, besorgen, verschaffen, stellen, versehen (mit), ausstatten (mit), vorsehen, vorsorgen, Vorsorge / Vorkehrungen treffen, schützen, einkalkulieren;
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