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HEADWORD: put (about/ above/ across/ against/ around/ as/ at/ away/ back/ before/ between/ beyond/ down/ forward/ in/ into/ like/ near/ off/ on/ on to/ onto/ out/ over/ round/ through/ to/ towards/ under/ up/ up to/ up with/ upon/ with) v.
NOUNS: academy, account, actions, abstraction, advance, agar blocks, all thoughts, amount of money, anaesthesia, another way, anthropology, antidote, argument(s), Arianism, arm(s), arrangement, arrest, association, author, authority, back, baby carriage, bed, bedside lamp/ table, beginning, bid, biscuits, blame, blocks of flats, body, boy, breeding, brother, bucket, bullet, canvas, case, cases of port, carbohydrate, category, Catholics, cell nucleus, chairman, challenge, charge, child, children, chocolate, choice, circulation, code, colleague(s), committee, Common Law, compendious view, competition, components, confusion, context, corrective, country, court, criminal, critics, criticism, cross, cupboards, darkened room, death, deck chairs, deep water, defence, diet, difficult situation, diseases, distance, dreadful truth, driver, drop, ease, educators, effort, end, English, equipment, estimate, eternal salvation, evening feeds, expenses, experience, expression, extensions, extreme form, fear of God, festal mood, figure, finger, fire, fish, fist(s), flight, foot, force, form, fridge, garage, genus, girl, glass(es), good service/ use, grandfather, grandmother, great expense, grief, guidance, hand(s), hat, head, headnote, helping, hierarchic world, historian(s), home, horse, horseback, house(s), husband, idea, immaterialism, injured dog, integrity, interpretation, investor, issues, item, jack in the box, jeopardy, jury, kitchen table, language, lawn, law(s), lease, letter, level, liberty, light, life, limb, list, manner, map, married woman, matter, medical criteria, meeting, member(s), mental patient, message, military commander, milk, million, mints, mixture, money, monogram, myth, municipality, music, nature, new suit, newspaper, news report, night, node, nonswimmer, nothing, notices, novelty, number, oneself, one, one’s affairs/ differences/ ears/ feelings/ fist/ mind/ mouth/ paces/ things, operation, order, patient, person, personal interests, philosopher, place, plan, planarians, plate, poet, poetry, police presence, politician, population(s), position, possession, practice, pressure, prevention, prices, priority, prison, professor, problem, production, programmes, proposal(s), proposition, prose, public life, purse, quantities of food, question, quotation, quotation marks, reader(s), real figure, reasoning, rebellion, refrigerator, report, requests, responsibility, risk, rumour, sacrifice, saddle, same way, scandal mongers, scenes, sea, sensations, separate line, service, shade, shame, sheet, shelf, shepherd’s pie, ship(s), shot, show, sin, sister, smell, society, s.o.´s life/ name(s)/ place/ rival, soldier(s), soup-plate, speech, sponge cake, spouse, stamp, state, stirrup, statues, Stock Exchange, store, stove, struggles, sugar, suggestion, surly behaviour, swimming trunks, system, tax, tea, teacher, test,theory, theories, tick, top grade, transport, travellers, trip, trousers, trust, undue pressure, unswerving loyalty, uses, value, verge, viewer, water, way, weapon, weather, weight, wife, window, wolf, wood, word(s), work, world, worth;
ADVERBS: anywhere, apparently, aside, best, briefly, broadly, carefully, directly, essentially, graphically, later, mildly, more clearly, often, primarily, provocatively, quickly, recently, shortly, simply, starkly, still, succinctly, sympathetically, together, vividly, wisely;
EXAMPLES: put a dot into the centre of each circle; he put a bullet through his head; don’t put a nonswimmer in deep water; he´s not sad, he´s putting on the grief; she´s not hurt - she´s putting it on; the prying eyes of scandalmongers may not reduce his desire to put actual and legal distance between himself and his spouse; we don´t want to put you out by staying for dinner; Ms Sheffield is so obliging that she gets put upon; Charles Martel put an end to the Arab advance; the council put Arianism at the head of the agenda; we put them up for the night; you could put aside a certain amount of money; he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself; they put him up for chairman; a proposal was put before the court; the dictator was as always put beyond criticism; the unrest had to be put down by the police; put each item on a separate line in the diary; he put his friend up to breaking into our house; they put forward a number of suggestions; his mother put her head round the door; she put her head back and yelled with laughter; they put her under general anaesthesia with morphine; you can be put in prison if you don’t obey; Eusebius put his finger on the radical novelty of the condition; she put her hand up; she was in the charge of the baby sitter; his life was put in danger; put it in another way, force is underpinned by dominant values; he found it difficult to put into words; they put into play a multiplicity of languages; she did not put it in quite the same way; to put it mildly/ in another way, ...; I´ll put it in writing if you wish; the terrorists put large populations at risk; I put my mind to it; I would put my money on one fundamental principle; he put on his tutorial manner; you put one foot in front of the other; they put out deck chairs; she put pressure on him; put shortly, they argue that ...; she put the light on; scaremongering educators put the fear of God into those people; here are the issues put starkly; to put the matter more closely, the ...; they put their country above their personal interests; he put them down near their homes; we put the children to bed; it wasn’t a body to put to competition; they are put together in different ways; you put weight back on;
SYNONYMS: place, set down, stand, rest, lay down, deposit, locate, situate, install, posit; assign to, allocate to, classify, categorize, catalogue, rank, rate; attribute to, impose, pin, attach to, fix; demand, inflict, exact from, require; transcribe, construe, interpret, express, frame, formulate, utter, say, speak, proclaim, pronounce; set, employ, use, utilize, allocate; commit, convict, condemn, subject, consign, doom; evaluate, estimate, guess, measure, establish, set, calculate, assess; wager, gamble, chance, hazard; set before, present, bring forward, submit, offer, posit; hurl, cast, heave, throw, fling, let fly; drive, plunge, push, lunge, knock, smash, bang, bash; spread, circulate, disseminate, make known/ public, publicize, announce, broadcast; come/ go about, alter/ change course; get across/ over, convey, communicate, make clear, explain, spell out, make understood, clarify; deceive, mislead, delude, lead on, outwit; lay/ put by, store, hoard, stow away; put to one side, cast aside, discard, dispense with, drop; forget, disregard, ignore, consign to oblivion, discount; save, keep in reserve, store, stockpile; put back, replace, return to its place, tidy up, clear away; forget, get rid of, rid oneself of, jettison; put in mental hospital, lock up, imprison, certify, institutionalize; consume, eat, swallow, devour, gobble; kill, do away with, murder, slay, fisnish off, put ot sleep, destroy; suppress, quell, repress, smash, extinguish; write down, put in writing, note down, jot down, enter, lsit, register, log, take down; attribute, ascribe, chalk up to, blame on; snub, depricate, denigrate, deflate, crush, mortify; psotpone, defer, recommend, nominate, name; adjourn, hoild over, reschedule, shelve; dissuade, dishearten, dismay, nonplus, repel, revolt, nauseate; divert the attention of, disturb the concentration of, sidetrack, draw away; pretend, palyact, make believe, exaggerate; dress, clothe oneself in, slip into, don; switch on, turn on; provide, supply, make available, furnish; stage, produce; fake, sham, affect, simulate; wager, place, bet; annoy, anger, exasperate, gall, vex, disconcert, harass, provoke; inconvenience, bother, impose upon, incommode, put someone to trouble; stamp out, douse, blow out, snuff out; build, construct, erect, raise; accomodate, provide with board and lodging, give bed to, house, entertain; pay, advance, pledge, donate; exhibit, post, display; endure, tolerate, stand, abide, stomach, accept, swallow; exploit, overwork, overburden, impose upon, take for granted;
GERMAN: stellen, setzen, legen, tun (in), geben (in), setzen (auf/ in/ über), investieren (in), schießen, anreiten, stecken (in), machen (an), anbringen (an), wetten (auf), schreiben, zeichnen, malen, ankreuzen, abhaken, vorbringen, bringen (in), unterbringen, vorhalten, nahe legen, zu bedenken geben, ausdrücken, sagen, beibringen, übersetzen (in), vertonen, schätzen (auf), stechen (in), verbreiten, in Umlauf bringen, vermitteln, an den Mann bringen, drankriegen, anführen, beiseite legen, zurücklegen, ablegen, über Bord werfen, vergessen, aufräumen, einräumen, wegräumen, zurücklegen, auf die hohe Kante legen, schaffen, verdrücken, verputzen, schlucken, einsperren, einschläfern, zurückstellen, zurückwerfen, zurückstufen, verschieben, zurückkehren, wegtun, verlegen, zumachen, zuklappen, einschieben, absetzen, einlaufen, anlaufen, landen, niedergehen, niederschlagen, niederwerfen, besiegen, unterdrücken, zum Schweigen/ Verstummen bringen, ducken, anzahlen, einlagern, einschläfern, den Gnadenschuss geben, aufschreiben, niederschreiben, angeben, vorlegen, einbringen, anmelden, zurückführen (auf), zuschreiben, hervorbringen, vorverlegen (auf), weiterbringen, vorstellen (auf), einpacken einsetzen, einfügen, dazusagen, einreichen, einbauen, einsetzen, hereinnehmen, zubringen, verbringen (mit), verwenden (auf), beantragen, bewerben (um), einsperren, aussteigen lassen, ablegen, hinauszögern, ausreden, ablenken (von), ausmachen, ausschalten, abstellen, anziehen, sich anziehen, aufsetzen, annehmen, zunehmen, beschleunigen, aufführen, geben, veranstalten, vorführen, einsetzen, abziehen, inszenieren, verbinden (mit), vermitteln, vor die Tür setzen, rausschmeißen, ausstrecken, herausstrecken, treiben, auflegen, aufstellen, herausbringen, erlassen, bekanntgeben, bringen, betäuben, Umstände bereiten, ausrenken, auskugeln, verfälschen, ungenau machen, verleihen (an), durchbringen, weiterleiten, durchstellen (zu), durchführen, tätigen, zusammentun, zusammensetzen, zusammenhauen, zusammentragen, hochheben, hochschieben, hochklappen, hissen, aufziehen, anschlagen, anmachen, errichten, aufstellen, aufschlagen, hochschießen, hochtreiben, aussetzen, bereitstellen, ausnutzen, sich abfinden (mit), sich gefallen lassen;
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