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HEADWORD: receive (as/ at/ by/ during/ for/ from/ in/ into/ like/ on/ with) v.
NOUNS: active assistance, adopter, affirmative answer, aggrieved stare, aids, animals, annual sum, answer, apostolic proclamation, appetitive conditioning, assembly, average, averse conditioning, bachelor's degree, bad news, ball, baptism, benefit(s), bid, bishop, blood donors, boy, broken bread, cells, challenges, charter, chilly reception, Christians, church, classes, commission, concept, conditioning trials, confirmation, consideration, consumer(s), container, control groups/ subjects, convincing demonstration, country, credit, creditors, criticism, damages, daughter, days, daytime, debtor, degree, detailed treatment, determinate prison sentences, different genes, diploma(s), discrimination training, distorted view, DNA molecules, education, email, empirical confirmation, entries, esquisse, essay, estate, equal share(s), excessive exposure, exercise book, exercises, exchange students, extensive network, external world, extra blood, family, far too rosy depiction, father, favours, fax, fear, fellows, fertilized ovum, food, form, fortitude, foundation, friend(s), full marks/ measure, further investigation, gamete, general stimulation, genes, girl, good news, goods, grandparents, grandson, grant, group(s), guest(s), guidance, hard treatment, headquarters, heir, home, honours, husband, ideas, impression, increase, individual, infusion, injuries, input(s), instruction, language, league, legatee, letter(s), letter(s) of administration, life imprisonment, little (close ) attention, lover, magazine, main heads, male ejaculate, martyrs, massive economic aid, mater, maximum, medical care, medication, member, message, minimum, Morse code, muscles, money(s), morality, mother, Muslims, net benefits, news, newspaper clipping, night, Nobel prize, notice, notions, novel, novel odour, nurse(s), object, oestrogen, offer, official approval, one's test/ work, optic nerve, orders, organ, oxygen, pair, patient(s), payment, penicillin, per-capita aid, people, person, plan, plaudits, player(s), poor, Pope, praise, preferential treatment, prerogative, present, presentation, press, pre-training, prior legacies, prize(s), probation orders, property, proposal, psychiatric investigation, psychotherapy, public attention/ commemoration/ money, punch, question(s), rats, recognition, refusal, region, regional reports, registered professionals, reinforcement, repayments, reply, report, reward, rhythmic input, rhythms, right, role, Royal assent, rudimentary education, ruler(s), sacrament, salary, satisfactory training, scarce source, school, senses, separate phase, servant, service, session(s), setback, share, short shrift, shrift, signals, simplicity, special training, small sentence, society, son, s.o.īs will, special privileges, specialist(s), sperm, splendid rebuff, staff, status, stimulation, stimuli, stranger, subject, stolen goods, street accident, student, sun's rays, support, surgeons, surfaces, surprised delight, telegram, test session, therapist, thing(s), tonnes, town, training, transitional benefit, trials, widespread acceptance, unemployed, union, university, uterus, visitor(s), wife, winter wages, wisdom, woman, wrong done;
ADVERBS: actually, also, coldly, coolly, daily, ever, favourably, individually, just, monthly, necessarily, never, otherwise, preferentially, quarterly, therefore, warmly, weekly, well, yearly;
EXAMPLES: received with thanks; are you receiving me?; Becker to receive; the therapist will receive an unavoidably distorted view; she received the bad news with fortitude; the uterus prepares to receive a fertilized ovum; different cells receive different genes; both players receive on average 2.5 points per move; his investments of money are claims to receive payment from the State; her work did receive praise in the press; why do my words receive so much consideration?; he receives his letter back from the Embassy in London; an extensive nerve network receives stimulation on the surfaces; every object receives the same detailed treatment; as a result of the testator's intention , he receives a benefit under his will; I never received an answer from …; the regional reports received at headquarters indicated great dismay; the actual DNA molecules I received from my parents are not passed to my children; most of these exercises have received full marks; ideas are received in their simplicity; she received me like a lover; she has received notice to the contrary; the question of ancillary relief received short shrift; it is received with surprised delight; it has received widespread acceptance; she was received into the Catholic church; the astronauts were received as conquering heroes;
SYNONYMS: accept the delivery of, take into one's possession, be in receipt of; get, obtain, come by, acquire, gain, gather, collect, take; be heard, be told, find out about, gather, learn about, be notified of, react to, be informed of; meet with, go through, sustain, bear, suffer, encounter; hold, contain, accommodate, admit; welcome, be at home to, entertain, greet;
GERMAN: bekommen, erhalten, empfangen, abbekommen, erfahren, gewinnen, finden, hehlen, Hehlerei betreiben, zurückschlagen, rückschlagen, aufnehmen;
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