This is a sample page from the updated version of
The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
by Horst Bogatz

HEADWORD: recognize (among/ as/ between/ by/ in/ with) v.
NOUNS: active construction, animal, article, aspects, attempts, audience, bank, behaviour, building, Cabinet, calendrical unit, cancer(s), canonical icon, capacity, carcinogens, carriers of disease, case(s), cells, certain circumstances, change, Christianity, church(es), citizens, civilian population, civil law/ rights, class, classics, climate change, co-author, Common Law, common precipitants/ scientist, company, consent, contemporaries, continent, contribution, country, criminal, dark spot, Darwin, degree of relationship, discrepancy, dispositions, distinctions of birth, drug(s), each other, ease, edges, English law, enzyme, excepti0ns, existence, expansion, exploitation, face, fact, feedbacks, female, forces, form, genes, government, groups(s), gender identity, geneticist, habituated stimulus, hints, homosexual union, house, image, implausibility, indication, industrialized countries, instituti0n, interests, Islam, judge, kinds of marks, lay authority, link, leader, leadership, legal person(s), life saving, lime juice, literary device, magazine, male, marker, marriage, meaning, member(s), method, microscopic change/ sections, mistake, molecule, movement, natural group, need, newspaper, niceness, no difference, object(s), observations, offence, one another, old friend, one's claim/ existence/ limitations/ own defects/ own relatives/ wife, organisms, particular emphasis, patient, patient's rights, people, person, personal responsibility, philosopher, place of worship, poem, point, poison, Pope, population, portrait, position, pre-literate peoples, presence, president, problem(s), propaganda, protein, quarterly, rabbis, reader, realistic approach, reasonable people, relationship, report, requirement, resolution, right, rights and duties, risk, rotation, rules of interpretation, scholastics, scientist, sets of markings, sign, signal, single, smell, s.o.´s achievement, source(s), specialty, species, State, statehood, strategy, street, student(s), subject, sufficient reasons, substance(s), success, system of law, theory, therapeutic properties, town, trusts, tune, union of man and woman, unwitting husband, usefulness, uses, valuable drugs, venereology, village, viral hepatitis, voice, writer, writs;
ADVERBS: above, already, also, always, below, consciously, continually, easily, even, finally, fully, generally, globally, hardly, however, immediately, increasingly, independently, inevitably, legally, long, nevertheless, not always clearly, now, obviously, officially, only, perfectly, publicly, soon, still, subsequently, thereby, universally, well, widely, wholly;
EXAMPLES: English law might be said to recognize a right to self-determination; he appeared to recognize a link between the two situations; one can recognize here, with other scientists, the importance of …; one must recognize what is necessary; in particular, can these bats recognize one another as individuals?; but I recognize that …; they will also recognize that …; given this, we must recognize that …; he continually recognizes that …; the law recognizes that disobedience to the law is sometimes justified; these problems are ones well recognized and analysed; certainly he would never have recognized any similarities; it is widely recognized as …; a strategy's niceness is recognized by its behaviour; it was recognized by all concerned that …; this is recognized by Hobbes's method; it turned out that a person was recognized perfectly well as being familiar; to be sure it was always recognized that …; it is well recognized that …; she doesn't recognize me any more when she goes past; she doesn't even recognize my existence; do you recognize this tune?; it could be recognized with ease;
SYNONYMS: know (again), identify, recall, remember, recollect, spot, place; realize, be aware/ conscious of, discern, appreciate, perceive, understand, acknowledge, accept, concede, admit, confess, allow, own; grant, endorse, put the seal of approval on, validate, approve, ratify, uphold; show appreciation, applaud, reward, honour, pay homage to;
GERMAN: wieder kennen, erkennen (an), anerkennen (als), zur Kenntnis nehmen, zugeben, eingestehen, das Wort erteilen (an);
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