This is a sample page from the updated version of
The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
by Horst Bogatz

HEADWORD: regard (as/ with) v.
NOUNS: absolute past, abstract principles, access, achievement, adowsons, affair, agency, alternates, antibiotic, anti-Semitism, approach, architect, aristocratic family, arrangements, assessment, attempt, attitude, aunt, author, authority, bad luck, beginning, behaviour, bending of the law, biblical types, binding promises, biologists, birth of Jesus, blood-tests, book, builder, cancer(s), case(s), cause for moral outrage, child, Christianity, Christians, chromosomal genes, church, city council, civil rights, climate, clocks, close friend, collocation(s), commission, Common Law, complaint, component, consent, contempt, contracts, copycat, council, country, course of history, court, criminal liability, crucial factor, culpable cats, cunning blow, cyclical view, danger, days of the week, death, decided cases, decision, definite authority, degree of risk, deity, denunciation, device, dictator, difference, directives, director, discourse, distinction, disturbance(s), divorce, doctor, doctrine, dogma, domination, drunkenness, due recognition, dynamic entity, end, enormous diversity, epiphenomena, equality between the sexes, equity, era, ethical demand, evidence, exclusion, expeditionary force, experimenter, expert, explication, extension, failure, fate, father, favour, figure(s), film, fixed point, foresight, form(s), friend, fundamental principle/ values, generation of numbers, German people, God's chosen race, good luck/ reason, government, great esteem, habit, harmful substance, health-related habits, heaven-sent opportunity, hierarchical classification, Hindus, historians, homosexuality, horror, hospital staff, hostility, human behaviour, husband, idea, idealization, image, indivisible instant, inner city, instance, intelligence, intent to kill, intention, interests, invention of the devil, , Jews, judge, jury, key, kingship, landowners, lands, law, leader, leadership, lecturer, legal status, liability for maintenance, liberty, life sentence, link(s), long tradition, lost battle, major liability, mandatory, penalty, manifestation, marriages, massive exercise, matters, measures, mechanism, meditation, mental disorders, mercantile law, mixture, moment of particular dread, monastic reforms, monotheistic religion, moon, moralists, moral life, most serious harm, mother, musical theory, Muslims, mutation, neutrality, New Testament, notions of honour, object, obligation, offence, one's duty/ goods and chattels/ record/ responsibility, , order, organized church, overplus, pagans, painting(s), part, partner, passing events, past, penalty, penile discharge, person, personal god/ life, philosophers, phrase, physical integrity, plan, plot, poem, point of view, policies, policy, political menace, position, possessions, possible source, present, present project, principle, proceedings, process, professional sportsman, professor, property, prospect, protection, purpose(s), relations of blood or marriage, relationship(s), relegation, religion, repetitions, reports, representations, response, restitution of property, right, Romans, scientific community/ masterpiece, scientist, sect, security officer, separate memes, sequence, sexual impotence, side-constraints, sin, single-mindedness, social construction, societies, some trepidation, s.o.´s death/ remarks/ request, significant factor, skilled workmen, spatial configurations, specific condition, spiritual writers, s.o.´s advice/ work, study, starting-point, status symbol(s), stimulus, strategy, succession, suggestion, suicidal intent, syndrome, teacher, technical existence, term, terrible fate, terror raids, therapist, time, time wasted, tip of the iceberg, Tit for Tat, tort, traditional view, transitional state, transitions in nature, transmissible interest, treatment, trust, trust clause, tyrant, uncle, universe, unmitigated good, urban life, variation, vast organism, violence, war(s), wife, wives, wordings, words, world, work(s), year;
ADVERBS: also, always, apparently, as well, at first, at times, closely, especially, essentially, furthermore, generally, highly, indulgently, merely, no longer, naturally, nowadays, often, only, originally, particularly, perhaps, poorly, properly, reasonably, seldom, seriously, simply, sometimes, specifically, steadily, still, very highly, usually, well;
EXAMPLES: this objection helps to reveal why it is that we regard a hierarchical classification as natural; perhaps we could regard …; it would be wrong/ justified to regard … as …; this finality makes it proper to regard death as the most serious harm; if this is true, we might as well regard ourselves as colonies of viruses; some people will regard such massive exercise in organisation with awe; it would be a mistake to regard …; let us regard the term as referring to the actions of the political institutions; it is probably a mistake to regard … as …; do not regard your record of baseline behaviour; even spatial configurations were as temporal by nature; fifty was regarded as the holiest of numbers; this can be regarded as symbolic; Christians were still regarded as outside the mainstream of respectable upper-class culture; moreover, this figure should be regarded as cautious and conservative assessment; St Augustine regarded the Christian era as the age of senility and decay; patients are at times regarded with hostility by hospital staff; it is legitimate to various degrees regarding different people; these figures do not regard the present project; we regard it as worth doing;
SYNONYMS: watch, look at, keep an eye on, view, scrutinize, mark, behold, observe, study, stare at; heed, pay attention to, take notice of, take into consideration, think of, account; look upon, consider, contemplate, mull over, reflect on, deliberate on; judge, estimate, gauge, appraise, value, rate, adjudge, assess, account, hold; apply to, relate to, be relevant to, belong to, have a bearing on, concern, refer to;
GERMAN: betrachten (als), für etwas halten, denken (an), ansehen (als), glauben, schätzen, betreffen, anbelangen;
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