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HEADWORD: window box n.
VERBS: arrange, attach to, be adapted as/ dislodged, exposed to/ made of/ secured/ suitable (as/ for)/ treated with/ turned to/ used for, buy, choose, compete with, contain, fill with, enhance, go on, group, grow in, have, hold, insert, look, manufacture, mark, mount on, move about, place, plant in, position, provide, require, sow in, stand (up to), suffer damage, support, topple over, use;
ADJECTIVES: big, broad-based, cast-iron, commercially-made, improvised, lightweight, plastic, properly-made, ready-formed, small, specially-manufactured, unusual, usual, wooden;
EXAMPLES: in the window boxes are petunias and lobelias; the window boxes themselves can be moved about; window boxes of ivy-leafed pelargoniums make vivid accents on a wall; a window box above a door needs a drip tray; a window box enhances a handsome but severe frontage; a small terracotta window box makes a lovely container for pink, white and blue combination of zonal pelargoniums; place a layer of rocks or similar material in the base of the window box to ensure the drainage holes do not become blocked;
SYNONYMS: stone urn, cast-iron urn, terracotta pot;
GERMAN: Blumenkasten, Balkonkasten;
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