Operating and special calls:

April 1979:
I started listening to shortwave using a Yaesu FRG-7000 and had a lot of fun with different services like international broadcasting and amateurradio.

April 1990:
I got my licence 'DL1AH' (and also my SWL-identification 'DE5JLN').

Holiday-operation as OE4/DL1AH/p  Burgenland south of Vienna/OE near the hungarian border.

Since 2001:
holding DK0AG (Clubstation of AGCW-DL).

Holiday-operation as DL1AH/p Amrum Island, EU-042 (no lighthouse).

DA0ROW (celebrating 50 years of OV Rotenburg/Wuemme, local section of DARC). Shared with other operators of our local club.

DL1AH/p again on Amrum Island, EU-042, operating near the 'Amrum Unterfeuer / Front Range-Light' ARLHS FED-280.

DL1AH/p on Amrum Island, the same operation like 2008.

DL1AH/p on Amrum Island, the same operation like 2008 and 2009.

DL1AH/p Neukirchen nr OZ-Border.

DL1AH/p on Amrum Island, the same operation like 2008,  2009 and 2010.

DL1AH/p Kronsgaard nr Kappeln / Baltic Sea.

Kronsgaard nr Kappeln / Baltic Sea (the former location on Amrum Island is no longer available. We are searching for a new place on the island).

Since 2013:  Again Kronsgaard nr Kappeln / Baltic Sea (didn't find any better place)


On the left the operator. A rare picture using a microphone...
(most times the morse-key is my friend).

On the right there are 2nd and 3rd OPs Iris and Jana
on the wide beach of Amrum Island in 2006. Jana passed
away in November 2010 at the age of 11,5 years by
severe illness. She had lots of fun on that beach!

A much better pic of the operator is this:

No talk, no touch, no eye-contact - when operating CW!


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Memberships (the Amateurradio-Stuff):
DARC OV Walsrode DOK H02
AGCW-DL #2544
HSC #1844 (without "e.V."!)
RTC #245
DL-QRP-AG #1755
OE-CW-G #77
Marconista #668

ADDX #9812

Kai's Antennafarm
22.Dec.2007  (click to enlarge):
Trap-Dipole 160/80/40/30 by Kelemen and a tuned vertical antenna.

antennafarm 2008

10.March 2013 (click to enlarge):
Gap Titan 80m - 10m.

antennafarm 2011

21.July 2013 (click to enlarge):
Gap Titan and Trap Dipole.

On the band (see "How to meet...") or via email to
(sorry no mail-function here to avoid spam).

Sometimes I use the Winlink-System getting there by Pactor on HF. You may just write to my callsign
Location / QTH: near Bremen in JO42TX


Former jobs:
1999 - 2002
Vice-Chairman of AGCW-DL

2002 - 2006
Chairman of AGCW-DL

2000 - 2005
Editor of "QTC", the weekly news
from AGCW-DL

2001 - 2005
Public-Relations-Manager of OV Rotenburg/W.

2002 - 2013
Editor of AGCW-Info, the bi-annual magazine of AGCW-DL in german language

How to meet Kai on the bands:
Mondays 3.563 kHz CW (AGCW-Net starting at about 17:30 utc) - sorry, I'm a quite rare guest there.


Special interests:
Amateurradio: operating HF / VHF / UHF and via Satellites using CW and Digimodes, some contesting.

Modelrailway: Our local club (german language only)

Languages: English, of course. Latin (to be prepared, in case of meeting a real antique roman). Years ago = Italian, Russian, and little fragments of Japanese and Arabic. Since 2015 my xyl and I are learning Spanish (thanks to 'Volkshochschule Rotenburg' - local public evening school for adults).

Orbitron (Software for Satellite-Operation)
WWF: Save animals and environment

Kai's Homebrewing (in german language):
MagLoop-Antenna / Rahmenantenne
MagLoop 160m - 10m
Bug using razorblade / Rasierklingentaste
Vertical-antenna / Vertikalantenne

German law:

* Impressum i.S.d. TDG 
Kai-Uwe Hoefs. Dies ist eine private Homepage. Um Werbung vorzubeugen gibt es die Anschrift nur über die DENIC.

* Haftungsbeschränkung
Unter Hinweis auf das sog. "Hamburger Urteil" distanziere ich mich von sämtlichen Inhalten der von mir verlinkten Webseiten, weil ich ihren Inhalt nicht überprüft habe. Ich mache mir deren Inhalt daher ausdrücklich nicht zu eigen.